Socialism and Priorities

I just saw a documentary called Bulletproof Salesman. It is about a German armored car merchant who made money off the wars in Iraq in Afghanistan by building and selling armored vehicles to diplomats, news media, and the like. It’s interesting, non-political, but if you have other things to do, do those first or just have the film on while doing those things if you can.

Anyway, as I was watching the film I noticed work crews in Afghanistan tending to the road after a car bombing. As the road was mostly just a track in the dirt I thought, “gee these guys don’t even have paved roads and we think we’re going to change them?” Then I thought, well we’re probably spending a few hundred million at least to pave a few roads no doubt and it made me think of the free market system.

The Afghans don’t have paved roads cause they don’t need paved roads. Their economy doesn’t require it and when it does they’ll figure it out, until then there is no need to meddle with things they don’t need, that they won’t take care of, and will prove to be a waste of money.

Just another example that socialism doesn’t work. You can shower all kinds of luxuries on one of the worlds worst countries but that doesn’t change anything. It’s not that the Afghans have absolutely no need for roads, it’s that they have more pressing matters to deal with and roads aren’t one of them. I keep using roads as an example, but it can be anything. Cable television, internet, toys, barbershops, whatever their priorities are they’ll take care of it first. The only way they won’t take care of what they need first is if their government takes all their money, and ability to do anything for itself, which our efforts are only encouraging.



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  1. Hm. Not so sure combat zone Afghanistan is a good example. Maybe because I’m an Ent in internet debating years…I’ve seen this argument used against free market privatization as well. It’s a marriage between politics, private industry, and the military and in any system like that you’ll see a lot of inherent inefficiencies. Examples are legion.

    • True, but in a way that’s kind of my point. Even without the war, A-stan was a dump, perhaps even more so. Now they’ve certainly received some cash infusions(even with the corruption some still has to make its way to use), and I’d be willing to bet that when we leave most of it goes to waste.

      Socialism doesn’t work because it’s inefficient, but for it to work to the extent that it does, it has to be implemented willingly which I don’t think it is in many cases because the people aren’t really concerned with the form of government as much as they are with survival.

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