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I know I’ve had a lot of personal posts lately, and you know what? I like it.

This effort has blogging has pretty much turned this into a site where I point out political inefficiency, hypocrisy, and failure.

Not that I don’t mind that stuff, its stuff that I’d like to turn it into something with some positiveness. One of the sayings I created mentions just that, “Don’t live against something, live for something”©.

That isn’t an opportunity to spin something like a smartass either. “I’m not living against men, I’m just pro-women”, “I’m not anti-American, I’m just pro-everybody else”.  People who want to operate like that can hit the bricks, you know what I mean so take the advice of keep going with your half-assed causes.

I’d like to turn this blog into something positive, at least a little bit, and I think I might know how I can do it. I used to be great at giving people advice. It wasn’t an advertised fact that I was good at giving advice, but when people told me about their problems I could them exactly what they needed to do, sometimes word for word. From married women, to single guys I knew what everyone had to do.

I still do (know), it’s just been so long since I’ve socially interacted with enough people to generate as much use as I had before. I’d like to try writing some more stuff like that.

I can’t promise it’ll be good, I can’t promise it’ll even work, and it’ll be tough for me to generate material, but I’ll do what I can for now and hopefully get some stuff going soon enough.


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  1. If your blog was turning into a chore rather than a fun activity, then you are right to change it. After all, if you do something you love you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

    Write about what you enjoy and know…your readers will still be here. 🙂

    • Thanks.

      I like blogging, and I like politics, but I guess it does feel a bit like a chore, probably cause its more of a hobby than a serious attempt at something.

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