Another Failed Paper-Defense

This is a news story worth sharing.

FRANKFORT, Ky. —A Frankfort man is in jail accused of beating his girlfriend to death.

Brian Reed, 41, was charged with murder late Friday afternoon after the victim was found dead inside her apartment.

She was later identified as 28-year-old Gypsy Reyes. Police said she had blunt force trauma to her body.

They believe the incident was a domestic dispute that turned deadly and said the couple had a troubled past.

And here comes the pivotal moment;

Police said Reyes even had a standing domestic violence protection order against Reed, which was issued in 2010.

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Proliferation of poor personal choices aside, I’m surprised that protection order didn’t stop her from being murdered. Oh, no i’m not. Because that’s called life. When you have involvement, voluntary or not, with someone who beats you up, or is otherwise a criminal, you can probably count on it not bringing good news and cheer to your life.

We as a society have to realize that laws in themselves don’t protect people. Gun free zones and domestic violence protection orders won’t stop crime or criminals. Enforcing the law does, and that starts with recognition of that old concept called responsibility.


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  1. So true.
    Laws are just wishes on paper without the means to enforce them. The requires personal responsibility.

    True for everything from neighborhoods to world affairs.
    (which, incidentally, is why I think the UN is the equivalent of a crazy Uncle demanding loudly that ‘something must be done. By someone. Not sure who…’)

  2. Especially when laws are not universally enforced.

  3. An example of the widespread resigning a responsibility to a state authority. Why make good choices and avoid bad men or deal with them when you can get a slip of paper and rely on the state?

  4. If she’d only worn a tee shirt stating her body was a murder-free zone….

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