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Saw this article up on, an English football(soccer) website that likes to focus on the comical and odd side of the sport.

Italian Police Seize Shocking Amount Of Weapons Before Coppa Italia Final Between Roma And Lazio (Photos)

Lazio and Roma are both teams in teams and the Coppa Italia is the cup final for Italian soccer so it was a big game for each club.

Soccer being what it is it’s not really surprising that fans of rival clubs bring weapons to games. In fact I was personally at a “friendly” preseason game between London teams Millwall and Tottenham when I was 13 or 14 years old at which a fight broke out after the game and someone was stabbed and this was almost expected.

So here’s what the Italian police confiscated before the game.

copa-2Perhaps they were planning on doing some sod work if the grass was uneven. Though I’m not sure why they’d need kitchen knives for that but hey these are the descendents of great and glorious Rome. Who am I to question?


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  1. Maybe after the fall of the US we’ll become home for a new major world religion, have a history of being annoying in wars started by other people (but not really more than annoying), be lazy wine drinkers, have a collapsed economy under the control of other nations, and cause riots after football games…

    My bet is that Mormonism would be the religion.

    • Not a bad prediction, but Mormons don’t drink so that clashes with the wine or any alcohol drinking.

      • Hmmmm… Would that set them too far apart from the masses to control them or would it set them up to be educated rulers of the sheeple of america?

      • They didn’t drink caffeine either until the Mos had a serious interest in Pepsi stock.
        Now it’s ubiquitous with the blessings of “the prophet (profit?)”.

  2. Italians have fought better at soccer matches than in 20th century war.

    • The Italians fought splendidly if the defeat of Germany was the objective.

      Think outside the box. (think Littlefinger, if you are a game of thrones reader) 🙂

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