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The Circus For The Carnival

Now that gay marriage is off the table as an issue, what will be used as the all important rallying cry for whiny progressivism?

I’m sure some states will try and push the gay marriage issue at their own level but the issue is dead. Any efforts at this point are just the convulsions of a corpse. They won’t work and won’t go anywhere.

I don’t care, let the gays get married. It’s no business of mine, and forget those statistics that suggest gays make bad parents as often if not more than traditional couples. There’s hardly any traditional couples left anyway so we might as well humor ourselves.

Every problem we have in this country right now is the result of a previous problem being “fixed” by the government anyway so let’s just wait and see what kind of disaster this turns out to be.

The best part about social issues is that, well they’re social, they affect everyone if they don’t impact more than a few people as we have with this here gay issue. A small percent of the population can get the entire nation to rally to their cause(odd since the nation has repeatedly rejected their cause, but you know, Congress). And that’s the joy of social issues, even when they don’t affect you, it still changes your life because the very fabric of American society is now changed. The change doesn’t have to be overt, though since it’s always the headline it usually is, because the change goes right to the core of how society accepts itself without consulting whether it wants it or not. A fanfare of flaming fairies for all to see with the formal stamp of approval from the first-class of a failing federation can’t help but alter people’s point of view.

At this point America is the island of Doctor Moreau. We are a nation of trans-humans, no way in hell recognizable to any of our forebears so why not let it go and fracture itself even more. The nation has already struck its iceberg but still we have to wait for the ship to sink. The process may be speeding up but it will still take some time. Frankly I’d rather get it over with now, so the rebuilding process can begin soonest. America will be fought for between teams of black, brown, white, and rainbow.

So to answer the question at the beginning of this rant, what will be the new distraction to keep people from realizing their been shafted?

Gun control fizzled out, the 99%/occupy wall street thing couldn’t keep it’s shoes tied long enough(not to mention was a dig at the elites and we just can’t have that), bullying could slot right in to the gay spot with ease(no pun intended), and obviously serious issue are out of the question.

It’ll almost certainly be immigration as it fits so well into the spot gay marriage just vacated. It’s pointless, easy to solve, and no American wants it so it almost perfectly has the same profile as gays.

Usted necesita un sentido de la moda, Mary.


How Environmental Organizations Are Destroying The Environment


Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The Washington Post reports:

During an April visit to the San Francisco home of billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer, who created a political action committee in March to target lawmakers supporting the Keystone pipeline, Obama noted that the issue of climate change “is near and dear” to Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor.

“But — and I mentioned this to Tom and Kat and a few folks right before I came out here — the politics of this are tough,” Obama added, according to a White House transcript. “Because if you haven’t seen a raise in a decade; if your house is still $25,000, $30,000 underwater . . . you may be concerned about the temperature of the planet, but it’s probably not rising to your number one concern. And if people think, well, that’s shortsighted, that’s what happens when you’re struggling to get…

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The Katyn massacre refers to events during World War Two in which the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics led by Joseph Stalin murdered approximately 22,000 Polish military officers, and intellectuals to prevent Poland from existing.

The crimes were covered up by the Soviets until the fall of the empire when the world was finally told the truth that the Poles knew since 1940.

Katyn is a movie about that event. The story follows the experiences of several characters in an intertwining way. The movie seems to start of rather slow, character development appears weak and any feelings of stress or angst aren’t readily apparent through the film but the struggles are still seen and understood. However at the end of the film, as the story is concluding and all the summaries are occurring is when the movie really shines.

Katyn is a good movie, but those who know or enjoy history will really appreciate it. Though it is entertainment it will make you feel but most of all it will make you think. As an American it is strange seeing how the Poles think as they do in the circumstances, it is largely concepts foreign to us that they accept their fate and yet still have pride. They are trapped with their dreams and nowhere to go. The Soviet Union did not want Poland to exist and for 50 years they succeeded.


The villains in congress would do well to learn some lessons from history when they make these efforts to destroy their own country as they are doing with amnesty.

A good example for this situation comes to us from Italian renaissance history and the city of Florence.

Florence was a republic of a unique system and did not have any royalty or true political leaders. Though it certainly was steered by the influence of its highest citizens, in particular the Medici family. Following the death of Cosimo Medici in 1464, several Florentines(who owed much of their own success to the Medici’s) decided that the Medici’s were to powerful in their republic and things should be changed.

Factions formed between the Medici and their detractors. However the detractors had two weaknesses, one they weren’t unified around any set of ideas of principles so much as they just got tired of Medici power. But second and most importantly, they were afraid to get the citizenry riled up. While these men were tired of the Medici’s being on top, they themselves were very successful and not wanting for much. A populace riled up to take power from one leading family may not be content to let the other leading families off the hook so easily.

Thus the internal revolt against Medici influence in Florence failed. The opposition could not grow their ranks without it being a threat to their very existence. That is what we have today with this amnesty scam. Never mind the fact that we are talking about people who do not have a right, let alone the permission to be in this country. They are a different people and simply allowing them to come as they are without recognizing that there is a thing called American principles will take down America as the citizenry could have taken down all the leading families of Florence.

The only difference is that Florence would have still been run by Florentines, an intelligent, politically conscious, and pragmatic people, whereas the US will be overrun by an entirely foreign crowd.

You Don’t Even Know The Half Of It

by Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

As incompetence, deception, duplicity and dishonesty become the hall marks of the Obama administration, it is important that we not lose sight of the greatest danger posed beyond these serial scandals: the feminization, emasculation and dismantling of our military. The two most important elements of national survival are the media and the military; one keeps us free and the other keeps us secure. We know the media are failing – God help us if the military does also. We may be able to fix the government in 2014. Fixing the military is more problematic.

Let’s begin with Benghazi. It is incomprehensible that any commander, let alone the commander in chief, would go AWOL during a crisis such as Benghazi, but he was. In the midst of the massacre of our ambassador and three heroic Americans, President Obama was nowhere to be found. He did manage to surface, too late for the massacre, to meet a campaign commitment the next day. But, before retiring, we are told he turned the crisis over to his underlings, including the military. What we learned about our military leadership during that crisis should alarm all Americans.

The demise of our military of course begins with the commander in chief, but he can’t do it alone. He has to have willing sycophants and he has had them in the civilian and military leadership at the Department of Defense. The indiff
erence of the people and military inexperience in Congress are contributing factors. The military disasters are a form of gradualism. Look at the changes under Mr. Obama. We cannot focus on these changes enough.

Our military is suffering unprecedented rates of suicide and PTSD. Obama’s sequestration will cut benefits to veterans as well as damage readiness. (There has been a 2000 percent increase in backlog for veteran assistance in four years!) We now have a quad-sexual military with all the health, readiness and moral issues that come with exalting sodomy. Sexual assault is at an all-time high. Women will be tasked to lead bayonet charges. As a result of the sex scandals, Congress is now looking to curtail the military’s ability to discipline, another tribute to the lack of leadership in the military and lack of military understanding in Congress.

Billions of defense dollars are unaccounted for. Christianity is under military attack, and Bibles have been burned to appease Muslims. (References to God and Jesus are forbidden at Arlington, chaplains will be forced to perform homosexual “marriages,” and Bibles and religious item are forbidden to the wounded at Walter Reed, etc.)

We have a new doctrine for crisis: “Don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on.” Therefore, no Normandy or Inchon. In other words, don’t go until the crisis/massacre is over. Their default position is don’t go, period. The military leadership, after the terrorist massacre at Fort Hood, outrageously lamented the effect it would have on diversity – and equally outrageously labeled it workplace violence denying the victims and their families the benefits they deserve.

There have been unprecedented security leaks, and China is electronically in bed with us. They even lost the graves of our warriors at Arlington. I could go on, but it should be clear that all of the above is the result of a leader who knows not the difference between a corps and a corpse and is both indifferent to and unknowledgeable of military readiness. And as bad, the military leadership is complicit in these disasters. (As a further tribute to their ineptitude, they have actually considered combat-level medals for warriors not shooting and desk-bound computer operators, medals that were the laughingstock of veterans.)

But given that the president tasked the military to act in the Benghazi crisis, what did they do? Indefensibly, they did nothing, they did not even try! No obstacle, no doctrine, nothing can defend not trying, never mind the risk, to save fellow Americans. Were they under orders to sit on their a– and let their fellow Americans die? In my 34 years of military service involving many crises, I never knew of one without an after action report (AAR), in which each and every action was put under a microscope to identify those responsible for the results be they good or bad. Congress, the media, someone should demand the AAR on Benghazi. It must exist. Who ordered the stand down? Who said sit on your a–? Why no hearing on this?

Just as the way forward for America is a return to the morality and values of the past, so too must the military return to the readiness standards and common sense of the past. We can survive in a relatively valueless society – but only with a strong and ready military. Sadly the military is mirroring society – the goal of Mr. Obama and progressives – and will soon be impotent. Once the progressives have a helpless military they no longer need to explain why they didn’t go; they can say we are unable to go. Progress is not the path we are on; true progress is the path to our past. The other scandals may be more glamorous and outrageous (such as lying about Benghazi before the coffins of those massacred by terrorists, enemies’ lists and assaults on the First Amendment) but what Mr. Obama is doing to our military is more grave.


Aim To Please

The feminista and liberals in Sweden are sick of sitting in your squirts. That’s why they’ve decided to make an effort to try and ban peeing standing up, at least in the public restrooms.

Here’s more;

The local chapter of the Left Party, a socialist and feminist political party, in Sormland County Council, Sweden, is pushing to make standing while peeing illegal for men using the county council’s public restrooms.

Of course their real concern is hygiene.
The local chapter of the Left Party, a socialist and feminist political party, in Sormland County Council, Sweden, is pushing to make standing while peeing illegal for men using the county council’s public restrooms.
Party officials are pushing to make public restrooms in the county council “sitting only.” According to the Local, supporters of the proposal say sitting while urinating is more hygienic and promotes sanitary restroom habit for male users. It will help to eliminate the problem of puddles on the floor and spray stains on toilet seats. They also argue that urinating while sitting will help to promote male health because it allows men to empty their bladder more effectively. Sitting while urinating according to advocates will reduce prostate problems among men.

I thought Europeans were supposed to be sophisticated? Then why is it that these progressives make it sound like they couldn’t piss in a pot to save their lives?
I also have my doubts about the “advocates” claims of it helping men better emptying their bladders or reduce prostate problems. Hell just for anecdotal proof I can say that I piss more when standing, as I find that after I go numero deuce I stand up to wipe and still have to pee. If anything standing gives assistance with gravity feed. Sounds like a bunch more convoluted mumbo jumbo like we’ve seen with vaccinations, circumsions, and global warming. It’ll end up as baloney wrapped up in bullshit that’ll take 50 years to finally conclude.
Lastly, how many Swedish men stand up to pee anyways? I thought they all had their genitally confiscated many years ago. Far as I was aware Swedish men were extinct.

Danny From 504

I’d like to add Danny From 504 to the blogroll.

I first came across Danny’s blog by links from other places in the great manosphere reacharound linkfest. Does that sound gay? Anyway I’ve read posts over at Danny’s since last year and recently he’s one of my favorite people to read. There’s always a lesson to be learned from Danny but he takes himself very lightly and his self-deprecating sense of humor and assured confidence makes him like the awesome cousin or uncle you always look forward to seeing.

He’s a regular guy who isn’t bothered by much and regularly responds to comments so for that we add Dannyfrom504 to the blogroll here.

Pathological Altruism

This article at the features a book written by an engineering professor at my former university. Here’s some excerpts from the article;

Oakley defines pathological altruism as “altruism in which attempts to promote the welfare of others instead result in unanticipated harm.” A crucial qualification is that while the altruistic actor fails to anticipate the harm, “an external observer would conclude [that it] was reasonably foreseeable.”

“Empathy,” Oakley notes, “is not a uniformly positive attribute. It is associated with emotional contagion; hindsight bias; motivated reasoning; caring only for those we like or who comprise our in-group (parochial altruism); jumping to conclusions; and inappropriate feelings of guilt in noncooperators who refuse to follow orders to hurt others.” It also can produce bad public policy:

Ostensibly well-meaning governmental policy promoted home ownership, a beneficial goal that stabilizes families and communities. The government-sponsored enterprises Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae allowed less-than-qualified individuals to receive housing loans and encouraged more-qualified borrowers to overextend themselves. Typical risk–reward considerations were marginalized because of implicit government support. The government used these agencies to promote social goals without acknowledging the risk or cost. When economic conditions faltered, many lost their homes or found themselves with properties worth far less than they originally had paid. Government policy then shifted . . . the cost of this “altruism” to the public, to pay off the too-big-to-fail banks then holding securitized subprime loans. . . . Altruistic intentions played a critical role in the development and unfolding of the housing bubble in the United States.

Pathological altruism is at the root of the liberal left’s crisis of authority, which we discussed in our May 20 column. The left derives its sense of moral authority from the supposition that its intentions are altruistic and its opponents’ are selfish. That sense of moral superiority makes it easy to justify immoral behavior, like slandering critics of President Obama as racist–or using the power of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress them. It seems entirely plausible that the Internal Revenue Service officials who targeted and harassed conservative groups thought they were doing their patriotic duty. If so, what a perfect example of pathological altruism.

Oakley concludes by noting that “during the twentieth century, tens of millions [of] individuals were killed under despotic regimes that rose to power through appeals to altruism.” An understanding that altruism can produce great evil as well as good is crucial to the defense of human freedom and dignity.

The rest of the article is worth a read as it isn’t much longer than what I shared here but it does complete the picture better.

I’ll be looking for the good professors book, Pathological Altruism, in my local library soon.