Alternate History; Trenton Edition

Washington’s Crossing is a book by David Hackett Fischer about George Washingtons crossing of the Delaware river and attack on Trenton in December 1776. It is a well written and easy to read book, clocking in around 380 pages.

This book is not a history of the American revolution, it is focused on the military campaign in New Jersey. Of course being a good book it presents the information with both a lead-in and follow-up to the main focus. The book starts with the story of the New York campaign and the problems that led to the Revolution being threatened with it’s destruction as it was pushed across the Delaware in 1776. This helps the reader understand just how important Washington’s crossing the Delaware and follow up New Jersey campaign was.

By most accounts the revolution would likely have been finished if Washington had failed there. The Howe brothers would have likely succeeded with their reconciliation strategy and taken the wind out of the sails of the revolution if the continental Army was defeated.

This makes for a good moment to ask, what would the world be like if George Washington was defeated in the winter 0f 1776-77 and the British Crown reestablished it’s power over the United States in a manner similar to that of Scotland.

Britain would have the most resource rich continent on earth at their disposal, but they would also have to contend with Spain and France for its control. How would that change the history of Europe? Would the World Wars happen the same if at all? What else might happen.

Perhaps the most interesting question is would it change the disposition of the English people today? If they been able to hold on to and develop the US colonies as a part of their empire would they have a different mentality of things today? Would they be so willing to hand over their country to Muslim immigrants? I think it’s very possible that the extended terms of success would have changed they way they experienced things and learned about them. They might have become more protective of their sanctity.


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