Do You Know Who You Are?

This story about the transgendered former Navy SEAL was popular a few days ago.

I don’t get it. The gay pride circus includes transgendered as an extra battalion to include in the battle for bullshit but the problem is transgendered is itself nothing but bullshit.

If you’re gay or lesbian we can qualify that. You are a guy or girl who likes relationships with other guys or girls, thus making you gay or lesbian.

Transgendered is nothing more than playing dress up combined with a lack of self confidence or personal familiarity or something.

You are either a man or a woman and that’s it(though some rare people can be both). If you are a man trapped in a womans body or vice versa that doesn’t make you the other thing.

You have no more claim to being of the other gender than the loser at the bar wearing an Eli Manning football jersey has to actually saying he feels like he is Eli Manning.images

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. I feel like James Bond but i’m not. No matter how much I wish, how much I hope, or how much I spin in a circle I simply never be Bond. Just like Donny the Douche will never be Eli Manning and you’ll never be a woman so long as you have a Y chromosome.


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  1. I am physically a well endowed female. Mentally I’m androgynous, with very masculine leanings.

    I have no desire to undergo surgeries or change my body, though I do sometimes wish I’d been born male. Basically, so long as nobody tries to force me to conform to feminine gender roles, I’m happy as is.

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