Can You Hear Me Now?

So the National Security Agency has records of every call by Verizon phones(if not more phone providers), and China hacks our government computers at will. So if you have a Verizon phone it’s possible your phone calls are recorded and even sitting on Chinese servers. Global economy indeed. Even better news is that Susan Rice will soon be on the job and we know how good she is as explaining things away.

Xiànzài nǐ néng tīng dào wǒ?

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  1. My phone number is really the least thing I’m worried about the Chinese finding when they hack into our governments’ computers.

    • They already have Liz. Though why is a mystery since we are usually willing to just hand over whatever they want hence the industrial boom in their country.

      But I agree your phone records are going to be the least of your problems because by then we’ll be Greece and calories will have a greater value than who you called.

      • Perhaps the Chinese metal impurities in food, socks, fake “copper” pipes in our watersupply, poisoned heparin, poisoned dogfood, rotting drywall and cast bolts that fail under pressure in aircraft components isn’t doing the job fast enough…

      • Just read it again and thought for clarity I should mention I meant the stuff they put in products they ship to us, not themselves. Though I have read it’s equal opportunity and they contaminate their own goods as well.

      • China is ruthless and has no concern beyond itself. I hear some people say things like, ‘well why would China want to ruin the US, they got more out of us being prosperous by doing business with us’. China has 1billion+ people and could replaces our consumerism with that of the rest of Asia that they have their eye set on coming into the fold anyway. Don’t put it beyond them to make us slaves to feed their machines.

  2. Interesting thing is the NSA set up gives foreign parties a single lock to pick to get everything they could ever want from US citizens.

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