When Publicity Isn’t Sincere

Want proof that gay marriage is a progressive wet dream and not really something they actually care about?

Here’s a story currently found on theblaze.com;

First Openly Gay NBA Player Jason Collins Marches in Boston’s Gay Pride Parade

If you remember to a few weeks ago when Collins came out it was held up as a great moment in gay activism. Finally some professional athlete had the guts to come out. Except Collins isn’t a professional athlete, not anymore that is. But still he gets credit.

But check out this story from late May;

Robbie Rogers, First Openly Gay MLS Player, Joins LA Galaxy

Rogers came out in February, though he wasn’t playing at the time. Now he is back in the game and though the story was picked up and run most places, it didn’t get the full coverage that Collins got and in many places received just a small mention.

So what’s the deal? Yes soccer is a smaller sport in America but should that matter if they really cared about gay rights? No, because it’s about gay activism. It’s not really about the gay thing, it’s about the progressive agenda. Why cover a white soccer player, when there is a black basketball player available, even if the white soccer player is actually on a roster.  Like most things the progressives will throw you under the bus once they’ve gotten their use out of you or you suddenly become a liability.

The progressive machine got it what it wanted out of Collins. They really don’t care, it’s just part of the destruction process. They didn’t need Rogers so they just briefly brushed over him.

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  1. As much as I am a fan of utilitarianism, it hurts to see the ultra libs using it rather effectively themselves…

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