Disingenuous White Liberals

Disingenuous white liberals will be the destruction of the United States. With their endless PC BS and need to destroy everything they inherited so they can replace it with anarchy, well it’s hard not to see why.

I was recently reminded of this when watching the tv miniseries, North and South. Being that the program was made around the time I was born I have never seen it, though I have heard of it. Been a history buff I recently picked up the dvd of the first ‘book’ at my local library and enjoyed watching it.

Connecting the dots, I’ll get straight to the point. In the series there is a character named Virgilia Hazard, played by Kristie Alley. Virgilia is an abolitionist, a strict one. She doesn’t care what has to be done or who has to be destroyed to get that accomplished. This makes her a somewhat embarassing figure to her Pennsylvania family as they share business and personal relations with the Main family from South Carolina.

It is Virgilias tactlessness that makes her a disingenuous white liberal of her time. Like those today she prefers to destroy everything as it exists to replace it with something else, whats worse is that that something else is a pipe dream based far from human reality.

If Virigilia were willing to put her hatred aside for a short time she would have seen that Orry Main was himself no fan of slavery and that his mere circumstance as a southerner was not reason enough to wish for his death simply because. Rather if she was a reasonable person, not influenced by what we today call cultural marxism, she could have affected the changes she sought without having to resort to war, violence, or the destruction of society as a whole.

Instead the DWL destroys the very thing that created them because they have such hatred for themselves. The typical DWL has never wanted for anything. Their lives are empty and meaningless marathons of consumerism, therefore in order to feel good about themselves and feel that their lives contain some semblance of significance they do the easiest thing they can think of. Destroy themselves in order to affirm the others. They can never accept to merely fix the system, to make the necessary adjustments to benefit the one party without breaking everything else in the process. No, they have to destroy it because they are damn fools. Their meaninglessness allows them to succumb to the simpleton ideas of social progress. Never does cold hard reality smack them in the face and say ‘look at these thousands of years of human history and scientific research reflecting it.

The Disingenuous white liberal is far more of a threat to America than any other person because they should know better.

It’s hard to condense 8-9 hours of film, but this scene perhaps best represents what I mean in this post.


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  1. I don’t know how you watched 8-9 hours, I couldn’t stand 8-9 minutes

  2. What a load of crap.

  3. Is the character of Virgilia based on a real person who was an activist abolitionist?
    I’ve always heard that the War of Secession divided families but to this point?

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