Pay in Europe and Not All That Surprising Surprises

An interesting chart was put up at, a few days ago by way of the economist.

Here’s an image;


What’s interesting here? Well for the most part the nations sit about where you’d expect for each of them. Romania and Ukraine at the bottom shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but people who don’t even where those countries are.

While the more successful and affluent European nations have a lower ratio.

So it’s there’s nothing to odd about the order what am I getting at?

Not the ratio, but the blue blocked figures. The CEO hourly wage, in particular who has the highest. The Italians have it by a screaming red sportscar. Amazing since they have one of the more troubled financial situations in Europe(which is saying a lot).

It’s surprising because you wouldn’t think a sick nation like Italy could afford those figures, but then you realize it’s Italy so it’s to be expected. Just imagine what the black market guys are making eh Don Giovanni?

With that out of the way it’s still surprising to see Spain take second with a gust of strong wind. But then not that surprising when you think again and realize that Spain would have the reputation of Italy if Italy didn’t already have it firmly in hand.

Further odd is Sweden in third, considering their supposed to be the modern socialist dream that progressives love to use as the (false) example to undo all the socialist progressive failures in history and boy is there a lot of those. So Swedens on fire, literally and figuratively. IKEA for the masses and top notch weapons systems for their governments apparently gets you a lot these days.

After that the list gets fairly normal as for where you’d expect the nations to fall. Just something to think about, that is all.


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  1. Interesting chart. What a joke of society we live in.

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