The villains in congress would do well to learn some lessons from history when they make these efforts to destroy their own country as they are doing with amnesty.

A good example for this situation comes to us from Italian renaissance history and the city of Florence.

Florence was a republic of a unique system and did not have any royalty or true political leaders. Though it certainly was steered by the influence of its highest citizens, in particular the Medici family. Following the death of Cosimo Medici in 1464, several Florentines(who owed much of their own success to the Medici’s) decided that the Medici’s were to powerful in their republic and things should be changed.

Factions formed between the Medici and their detractors. However the detractors had two weaknesses, one they weren’t unified around any set of ideas of principles so much as they just got tired of Medici power. But second and most importantly, they were afraid to get the citizenry riled up. While these men were tired of the Medici’s being on top, they themselves were very successful and not wanting for much. A populace riled up to take power from one leading family may not be content to let the other leading families off the hook so easily.

Thus the internal revolt against Medici influence in Florence failed. The opposition could not grow their ranks without it being a threat to their very existence. That is what we have today with this amnesty scam. Never mind the fact that we are talking about people who do not have a right, let alone the permission to be in this country. They are a different people and simply allowing them to come as they are without recognizing that there is a thing called American principles will take down America as the citizenry could have taken down all the leading families of Florence.

The only difference is that Florence would have still been run by Florentines, an intelligent, politically conscious, and pragmatic people, whereas the US will be overrun by an entirely foreign crowd.

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  1. The difference is that one of the political parties is very obvious in it’s desire to ‘rile up’ the citizens. It does so constantly, on every political subject. Do they want real riots? No, but they want to dilute what America is by bringing in outside voices while also pushing progressively more liberal social and economic policies down our throats, to the tune of Equality.

    • Well you still reap what you sow. The Italians were cautious and it let them stay comfortable if not happy. We won’t end up so lucky.

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