The Katyn massacre refers to events during World War Two in which the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics led by Joseph Stalin murdered approximately 22,000 Polish military officers, and intellectuals to prevent Poland from existing.

The crimes were covered up by the Soviets until the fall of the empire when the world was finally told the truth that the Poles knew since 1940.

Katyn is a movie about that event. The story follows the experiences of several characters in an intertwining way. The movie seems to start of rather slow, character development appears weak and any feelings of stress or angst aren’t readily apparent through the film but the struggles are still seen and understood. However at the end of the film, as the story is concluding and all the summaries are occurring is when the movie really shines.

Katyn is a good movie, but those who know or enjoy history will really appreciate it. Though it is entertainment it will make you feel but most of all it will make you think. As an American it is strange seeing how the Poles think as they do in the circumstances, it is largely concepts foreign to us that they accept their fate and yet still have pride. They are trapped with their dreams and nowhere to go. The Soviet Union did not want Poland to exist and for 50 years they succeeded.


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  1. It should be noted that we now know that both Churchill and Roosevelt knew about Katyn at the time. Churchill cared. Roosevelt didn’t.

    • That’s the sad summary of WW2 in a nutshell. Stop one bastard and give the other a free hand.

      • Not just WW2.
        Pretty much sums up realpolitik in a nutshell. Now, and throughout the course of most modern history.

      • I was just referring to the differences between Churchill and Roosevelt.

        Still you make a good point about history, though I think in this case here it’s unforgivable since we had much more information at the time than say the old kings of yore had.

  2. I remember at first the Germans were blamed…then the truth came out. The Commies were five times as bad as the Nazis.

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