The Circus For The Carnival

Now that gay marriage is off the table as an issue, what will be used as the all important rallying cry for whiny progressivism?

I’m sure some states will try and push the gay marriage issue at their own level but the issue is dead. Any efforts at this point are just the convulsions of a corpse. They won’t work and won’t go anywhere.

I don’t care, let the gays get married. It’s no business of mine, and forget those statistics that suggest gays make bad parents as often if not more than traditional couples. There’s hardly any traditional couples left anyway so we might as well humor ourselves.

Every problem we have in this country right now is the result of a previous problem being “fixed” by the government anyway so let’s just wait and see what kind of disaster this turns out to be.

The best part about social issues is that, well they’re social, they affect everyone if they don’t impact more than a few people as we have with this here gay issue. A small percent of the population can get the entire nation to rally to their cause(odd since the nation has repeatedly rejected their cause, but you know, Congress). And that’s the joy of social issues, even when they don’t affect you, it still changes your life because the very fabric of American society is now changed. The change doesn’t have to be overt, though since it’s always the headline it usually is, because the change goes right to the core of how society accepts itself without consulting whether it wants it or not. A fanfare of flaming fairies for all to see with the formal stamp of approval from the first-class of a failing federation can’t help but alter people’s point of view.

At this point America is the island of Doctor Moreau. We are a nation of trans-humans, no way in hell recognizable to any of our forebears so why not let it go and fracture itself even more. The nation has already struck its iceberg but still we have to wait for the ship to sink. The process may be speeding up but it will still take some time. Frankly I’d rather get it over with now, so the rebuilding process can begin soonest. America will be fought for between teams of black, brown, white, and rainbow.

So to answer the question at the beginning of this rant, what will be the new distraction to keep people from realizing their been shafted?

Gun control fizzled out, the 99%/occupy wall street thing couldn’t keep it’s shoes tied long enough(not to mention was a dig at the elites and we just can’t have that), bullying could slot right in to the gay spot with ease(no pun intended), and obviously serious issue are out of the question.

It’ll almost certainly be immigration as it fits so well into the spot gay marriage just vacated. It’s pointless, easy to solve, and no American wants it so it almost perfectly has the same profile as gays.

Usted necesita un sentido de la moda, Mary.


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