Egyptians to US Ambassador Anne Patterson: Get the hell out of our country

On our day of independence what else could demonstrate how far our standards of conduct has fallen as a nation.

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  1. Would support for a military coup and the overthrow of the elected leader be a more ‘freedom-loving’ stand?

    The election of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood was obviously a bad thing for us from the beginning. Bad for Israel too. The worst thing we could have done was make a public stink about their elected leader. That would have generated support on his behalf. Now, they dumped him themselves. It’s win/win.

    • It just boggles the mind that we could support the overthrow of a regime and then support the muslim brotherhood, and now that there is a new revolution to accomplish what they missed the mark on the first time(which looks 100x better for us), we’re making statements of neutrality.
      Those who say Obama hates the US and is a secret muslim make a helluva lot a sense.
      It may be win, win, but now Egypt dislikes us not because they’re the crazy terrorists on the wrong side of freedom but because we are.

      • I dont’ think there is or was any plausible scenario where Egypt is going to like us more than they do now. I remember years ago, people would espouse on political debate sites, “Look at Egypt and how relatively progressive and secular it is…” and I’d respond that Mubarak held on by a thread, the population was far more radical than its government. I was right.

        It’s the same population that elected this last guy. Neutral statements are the best we can do. A coup against a fairly elected government and the suspension of a Constitution, are not an event a democracy would wish to promote.

  2. Muslim Brotherhood is funded by Qatari billionaires. They will get the money to get the guns to shoot at the Egyptian Army. The Saudis and the US fund the Egyptian Army. Obama said he wanted to review if aid should be sent to Egypt now that they had a coup. Kind of shows where his allegiance lies. It could be a horrible civil war in a nation of 80 mil and a religion prone to encouraging suicide soldiers.

    • We sent Qatar almost twice the amount of military arms last year as we sent to Egypt. Last couple of years, it’s roughly even.

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