Nuke The Culture

Nuclear warfare is a threat only because we don’t know when, where, or who might decide to use it. If every nation had nuclear capability the world might be a nicer place because all the potential for aggression could be canceled out and the tangled web of confusion that created World War I would be every statesman’s worst nightmare under those circumstances. The best thing for peace(not a dream I realistically subscribe too btw), is the threat of wholesale destruction of everything. The best part after that is the chance to start afresh.

That is what we need to do and may accomplish with our “culture”. I say “culture” even we distinctly lack one there is no name for being culture less, but screw arguing semantics let’s get to the point already.

In America we’ve replaced family with social networks, communication with text messages, lifestyle with narcissism, and even Sam the butcher has been replaced with Johnsonville sausages.

We’re a pretty pathetic specimen for having accomplished everything imaginable as Americans. Except we haven’t accomplished squat. It wasn’t “us” that landed on the moon 44 years ago, that was Sam the butcher and his values and life understanding. Presently we can hardly understand the rules of not driving in the left lane.

I get perturbed when people say America has no culture, but now I admit it. We don’t. My previous argument was that America had a culture, but lost it. Thus, we don’t have a culture. We have mass-produced phoney baloney designed to keep our pathetically used brains just busy enough to activate the pleasure zones so we think we enjoy watching television and fake-tanning.

There’s no meaning in anything we do anymore and the great news is that it’s its own recipe for destruction. Eventually it will nuke itself as people because so bored with facebook and chips ahoy and realize they want their lives back.

They’ll go out into the green grass and talk to people and come home to some of Alice’s warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Like communism our shitty non-culture is it’s own worst nightmare. For a time it will reign but because there is no substance behind it other than misery it too will crumble in time.

Do you part to nuke the culture. Prepare your own food as much as possible, think, demand responsibility. Lead by example and be better.


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  1. You’ve been kind of negative since the ‘ungrateful pricks’ thread. Did something rub you wrong? The internet is full of negativity, and the manosphere can be a dark place. We have a family motto at our house, and it’s ‘there’s no such thing as fun for the whole family’. It can be paraphrased to ‘there’s no such thing as fun for the whole manosphere’. 🙂 People disagree, strongly and passionately (and often antagonistically) on some pretty important things.

    Per disagreement… 😉
    1) No, it wouldn’t be a safer world if everyone had a nuke. Nations break down, and weapons go into the hands of rouges and proxies…hello new world of internet blackmail. I think we’d last about as long as a shiny new Lamborghini would last in Liberty City Miami in a ‘nukes for all!’ world. In the hands of a private entity/proxy, retaliation is next to impossible. Retaliation only has the chance of working as a deterrent when such weapons are employed by state entities, or state sponsored entities. With such weapons in the hands of private entities we enter a world of nuclear blackmail. “I’ll nuke some large city unless you do X or give me Y”

    The more nuclear weapons there are around, the more of a chance there is that they will fall into the hands of someone who will use them. People don’t always act rationally in the scientific sense. They neglect facts, make stupid decisions, and override longterm consequences for short-term gain.

    And I don’t have to give you the personality profile of any individual despotic leader and “prove” he is capable of mass slaughter or simply selling the weapons to a rogue nation or entity capable of using it or extorting their ability to use it. Logic would indicate that sometime, somehow, if these weapons are widespread there will be someone mad enough.

    2) Per lack of culture in the US:
    Since the establishment of the US government, do we now have kings and queens, or do other nations now have presidents? We have a culture all right. It’s just so close it’s hard to notice without stepping back….because, unlike the dying and dead cultures (like the tiki hut makers, ritual scarrers, et al), ours actually maintains relevance (and yeah, there are some drawbacks…with benefits come drawbacks). We’re Gulliver.

    • I’ve always been negative, I don’t know what makes it seem like somethings wrong now. I think I just have less concern for coming across as acceptable anymore. I’m over trying to make a good impression on anyone who reads here.

      I don’t want to see the world full of nukes, it was really just a metaphor which I executed poorly because I forgot to add another part to the article. But my point about the nuke thing is basically war will cease when it becomes so bad that there is no purpose in following through with it. Larger nuclear blasts are safer to the world than small ones because larger ones create more collatarel damage.

      The culture thing is where I forgot to add the other part I mentioned. Basically I think people will slowly step away from the common culture. It’ll come in the form of people like surivivalists, hipsters, and even the religious as they seek more meaning or fulfillment in their lives by ridding it of all the time wasting shallow crap.

  2. Internet blackmail…bwahaha! Sorry, change that to nuclear blackmail in the first bit. I really need to read before posting…

  3. Read the scifi book ‘The stars my destination’ its awesome, and the plot is basically giving the populace super nuke forcing everyone to be peaceful.

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