Cancer Tour Goes Sunbathing

Mistakes happen all the time in history. Genuine mistakes for many reasons, whether ignorance of outcome, or simply that things went wrong. People make decisions and the wrong thing happens as a result. This happens with the largest impact in politics.

However there are mistakes and there is just plain stupid. Again this happens most with politics and never before has so much stupid happened so regularly.

Let’s just look at many recently occurring political topics. Immigration, Obamacare, Gun control, Taxes and Spending, and Energy. And in all those issues a majority of Americans don’t want anything to do with them and yet we keep pushing those issues politically.

Another issue is race now pushed to the forefront by George Zimmermans acquittal.

We’re supposed to be having a “national conversation on race”, but its not a conversation at all. It’s a drowning out of anything resembling a conversation, argument, debate, or discussion. It’s not that we don’t want to deal with the issue, but that like the other issues, it’s a one sided debate and the conclusion has already been reached.

Bill O’Reilly has stirred up a media hornets nest recently with this segment on his show.

The liberal and black press has gone wild on O’Reilly and Don Lemon, a black CNN newscaster who agreed with O’Reilly.

O’Reilly hits the nail right on the head, but the problem is he’s making waves when the issue has already been settled as far as the left sees it, thus the ongoing hornets nest.

What makes it more amazing is that the left thinks the problem is that we have uncontrollable racism problem in this country and that it only goes one way with white on black racism. Most of the rest of America thinks there is no race problem, they ought to know since they’re the ones being accused of racism.

Mistakes happen in history. The mistake happening now is that the leftist/socialists in America think racism is a problem fermented in the white center of America and they once again refuse to look at the history they have trying to “solve” the problem previously.

Racism in America does not exist because Americans(white) are racist, if anything they’re incredibly un-racist, it exists because half of the political class is so deluded by the victim Olympics that they don’t can’t even realize it’s their own enabling of the victims that drives the issue further and further.

Think about it. If you’re a young black person taught your entire life that racism is prevalent all throughout America and that you can’t help yourself because you’re surrounded by racist whites and only the government can protect you(the same government that enslaved you once before, thus fueling your claims of racism ironically) you’d probably demand everything handed to you as well.


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  1. Exactly so! Provide and incentive, see more of it. With disincentive, see less.

    Playing the victim card is win/win over personal responsibility.

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