I don’t think it means what you think

So apparently Saint Skittles bullet shredded hoodie belongs in the Smithsonian Museum, so say the race hustlers like Rev. Big Al.

It’s one thing to destroy the media, education, and governmental procedures but how is it that the Smithsonian, the national museum of all things, gets downgraded in to this cockamamie status too. I guess it’s really no surprise, everything is going cuckoo that should be no exception.

Still here’s what Shaprton and the like are saying;

He calls Martin’s death the first civil rights flash point of the 21st century. The hoodie is central to that distinction, an item of clothing that Sharpton says was used to profile Martin as a criminal.

Yes it is a piece of history and representative of a greater issue, but not in the way these morons think it is. It’s not a great symbol of the oppression and struggles and black americans. It is the symbol of the problems that cause them to be profiles as criminals.
To steal from song titles it is indicative of the highway to hell,  not the stairway to heaven.

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  1. How great. Lets put a tampon in there too saying ‘this is what men have become’.

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