Wages and Morons Again

It gets more annoying every time. $15 dollars an hour for working at McDonalds?

Even if that wouldn’t cause inflation(which it will) it still wouldn’t correct the problem. $15 an hour for the most unskilled jobs around is a solution(a dumb one at that) for a temporary problem instead of correcting the root problem. Progressivism 101.

I would work at Mcd’s for $15/hr, for a while. Until I got frustrated of rude customers, inept coworkers, and the fact that I did nothing more with myself everyday than punch a cash register. I’ve had unskilled labor jobs that require more than Mcd’s and I still lost my mind simply from the dullness of it.

Yeah it sucks that people have to work at Mcdonalds because there is nothing else for them. But how about we solve the real problem here, that is that people are working at Mcdonalds because there is nothing else for them.

People are working there because they are either dumb(in the old fashioned sense to mean slow-witted), unskilled in anything else, or their traditional trained industry isn’t hiring.

Good news is there is a simple and obvious solution for each of those problems.

1. Dumb/Slow witted; Just keep tabs on them, which is super easy with these ancient things called families and neighbors.

2. Unskilled; stop telling people college is the only viable option and additionally stop prepping ALL high school students for college prep tests.

3. Stop harassing the American business world with regulatory nightmares from hell and let them DO business. Yes regulations are important so nobody goes dumping toxic ooze into sewers thus generating teenage mutant ninja turtles, but regulations on bubblewrap are probably overdoing it.

If America wants to stop going down the toilet it could start by correcting the problems and not applying bandaids to temporary problems that will not only not work but make the problem worse in the long run.

Boom. Problem solved and I’m not even a Senator.


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  1. You hate freedom!
    (um, excuse me, wrong one…)

    Elitist! You hate the poor!

  2. I do not understand this strike or bitchfest at all. Let McDonald’s raise wages and then replace most of those workers with robot order takers.

  3. Part of what feeds the ignorance is misinformation.
    For instance, the Huffington post had an article indicating doubling the wages at McDonalds would only cause your Big Mac to cost 68¢ more.” And then they had a retraction, indicating it was double that (about a 25 percent rise in price, now imagine the cost of everything going up “only” 25 percent overnight). People don’t read retractions, the first story is the one that sticks.

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