The Defensive Breakdown

If liberals are believers in Keynesian economics why do they always want to cut military spending? If it’s good for growth of the the economy to spend money in every other government dept. why wouldn’t it be good to spend it on the military for the same reasons?

If conservatives believe in maintaining a tight fiscal policy why don’t they ever consider cuts to defense? Their defense is that defense is one of the core principles of the government. Still how come the idea of defense cuts always gets them all atwitter?

The truth is they’re both wrong. Liberals will cut defense, as they already have, but that’s not the problem. The truth is that defense spending IS too high. It’s too high firstly because like all government programs probably 20-20% of it is simply wasted through overpriced purchases. Secondly, it is too high because much of it goes to unneeded and unwanted purchases like Abrams tanks that we already have thousands of simply sitting unused. Thirdly, much of it is wasted because we spend so much on broken weapon systems that take decades to make finally work properly. The reasons are many more but I’ll stop here.

The President has dictated to Sec.Def. Hagel to make cuts and those cuts will not be to the wasteful monstrosities but to the really unimportant stuff like enlisted ranks and their pay and benefits. After all when you have the worst-best equipment money can buy, who needs people trained to use it.

Politics is all bullshit. If we were serious about cutting the defense, which in a rational world we would be, we would start by cutting the endless civilian employees. Why we need just as many pencil pushing, form filing beauracrats as we do fighting men is beyond me.

Cut the useless people(civilians AND excess flag officers), and then the useless equipment, and voila you’ve saved more than what’s being asked.

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  1. We definitely need to reduce spending on defense. Recently I have thought if we’re going to be the world police we should ask for money from Japan, Europe, etc. to fund their defense.

    Thanks in large part to our defense of Europe after World War II it has allowed European states to invest in things other than defense.

    One mistake some liberals make is assuming that the answer to our fiscal woes are defense cuts. Sure we can reduce spending on defense, but defense spending is only around 20% of the budget. We’ll have to fine other spending to cut.

    • Army is going to cut 10 brigades in the next four years. Every other service is pretty much aligned with that as well (funding is distributed rather proportionally throughout…though the brunt of what happens in the Pentagon comes down to rivalry for dollars between the services, “we need more money!” and so forth).

      About a decade ago, the Airforce cut 40,000 service members to fund the fancy jets and then found, just a few short years later, they couldn’t do without them. So they hired civilians and tried to patch it up. Ended up saving nothing because they had to train everyone after firing 40,000 people who knew what they were doing. It’s a mess. Actually, ‘a mess’ is the understatement of the year. The reality of the situation is incredibly depressing.

  2. “If we were serious about cutting the defense, which in a rational world we would be, we would start by cutting the endless civilian employees.”

    They have cut DOD civilian employees. They work one less day a week now, and are therefore paid 20 percent less. I say if they’re going to make families bleed do this with every other federal employee, not just the DOD employees. Cut the benefits for Congress and the Senate too.

    They’re even instilling ex post facto “reinterpretations” for DOD civilians overseas and claiming quarter allowances they already gave them aren’t valid, and they have to return the money. Which, in the case of a person employed over the last decade or so would leave them in the hole by hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is unconscionable. Imagine a civilian company doing this…they couldn’t, they’d be sued into next tuesday. Currently over 600 civilian DOD employees overseas are in the hole for this.

    We had a civilian employee who moved out here because she was promised a (semi-high) GS level job that made it worth her while. Finance told her they would pay for the move and to just put all expenses on her government credit card. SHe did, moved out here, was told upon arrival that the salary would be far lower than promised and…oops, they weren’t going to pay expenses afterall. Her credit is ruined, she is tens of thousands of dollars in debt (the finance dept said, “yeah, it was all our fault, sorry, but whatever..” She moved her family out here. With all the bureaucratic red tape the base wing commander couldn’t even help her, and in fact could have given her an article 15 due to the debts incurred by the move (if he was an @sshole, fortunately he’s not, but a lot of them are).

    That is one story, there are hundreds, more likely thousands. And every day I’m grateful my husband decided to NOT go the civilian DOD employee route (there are different tracks for reservists, some active duty some civilian, very confusing) and go part time traditional reserve, and fly for the airlines full time.

    Keep in mind they’ve created a process where active duty are completely dependent on civilian employees. Someone did a cost/benefit analysis and said it should be so, so much like outsourcing it was done and the mercenary/civilian dod industrial complex materialized.

    • Undoubtedly there are many civilian employees who are useful and necessary, but what percentage of them are the useless ones who’s sole existence is to just be another placeholder for some “oversight” management mumbo jumbo. Too many, and too many with six figure salaries, that’s why I also include to cut flag officers. That we have more Generals and Admirals now than in World War Two says something.

      The military was a great organization but everytime they try to “fix” things it becomes a political decision that never works.

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