Show Me The Money

Oprah claims a Swiss sales clerk is racist and refused to show her a $38,000 purse. One media outlet is finally calling skepticism about the matter since Oprah has a new movie coming out about…Racism!

Seems entirely plausible, rich celeb has movie about racism, tells racist story. It’s no different than what she would have black celebrity guests on her show do publicity, tell their real life sob story about their fake sob story movie.

Anyway who cares about that, how come nobody has mentioned this. Why does Oprah need to spend money on a $38,000 purse? Sure she can afford it, and it is her money so I won’t tell her how to spend it and yeah sure she’s thrown a lot at charity and her show guests, but does she really need another purse for that much money?

Doesn’t the wise and powerful Op realize she could support a family on the south side of Chicago for that much for a year? But she bought a purse she’s going to use for 3 days.

If I were as rich as that I’d do whatever I wanted with the money, but I’m not on TV telling people to be nice and caring to each other and then blowing money on stuff I already no doubt have and no doubt will forget about and I’m the not the one cheerleading for Mr Spread-the-wealth either.


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  1. I’ve worked at her studio, Harpo. I’m sure she knows it because her studio is right on the edge of a bad part of town. Not quiet south Chicago, which I’d say starts at S 50th about,but it gets patchy about 20 blovks away from her studio

  2. If you notice today’s headlines, which all include some form of the word RACISM ,

    “Now Oprah says sorry: Chat show queen says she regrets ever mentioning the racist handbag incident ….” Daily Mail

    “Oprah Winfrey apologizes for naming Switzerland in store racism incident..”
    Daily News

    “Oprah’s Encounter With Racism Results In Apology From Swiss Tourism Office” Huff Post

    and so on, and so on.
    But Oprah’s now trying to distance her from the actual story she first related by using words like’ I guess I didn’t dress up enough’ or store clerks can be ‘ hooty- patooty(?)’ all the while letting her underlying( and lying is the keyword) accusations of racism remain intact. Boy, is she good!!! She’s deserves an Oscar for this role!!! Again, I say, does anyone now believe that OPRAH could really be cowed by a store clerk, in any country or in any language. Oh ,I guess that if a store clerk was just so ‘hooty- patooty’ enough, and Oprah just happened at the same exact time to be promoting her new movie about racism. Then I guess, Oprah could feel the necessity of acting just so,as if she was being ‘put in her place’ thru this horrifying fear , intimidation and racism.

    But, this is real life, people. She may be a great actress alright but who is writing her material and directing her?

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