Change of Fools

I recently began reading From Dawn To Decadence, by Jacques Barzun, as recommended by Cogitans. After reading the first two chapters I was already blown away by the book. It’s not necessarily anything new, but it’s done in great detail while at the same time being brief as it has to pass through a lot of material.

However this post is not about the book itself, but an idea I had from reading it. Right there on page 20, the first page of chapter 2, it is brought up how the reformation affected change in western Europe after Martin Luther. It is mentioned how the Churches money didn’t go to the local priest as much as it was for the nearby monks, local bishop, and also the pope.

I thought initially, “Hey there’s something you don’t see much anymore, monks”. And my next thought was, “Well, good, if they don’t seem to do anything but siphon resources”. Which you could really say was much the way the entire Catholic church operated at that time in history.

This then led me to think whether or not this is any different from the way things are today. Except that instead of the Church extorting the people, we have the ruling class doing similar work and naturally taking its cut off the top.

Instead of a bastard bishop ruling over his territory with an iron fist, we have people like the Clintons making millions of dollar of charity organizations and Congress exempted itself from the laws it passes. As for the people we went from uneducated illiterate peasants, to supposed free-men.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Please tell me again why social change is so important to us?


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