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I’ve talked before about ‘living wage’ morons before when occupy wall st. was the news item du jour. I didn’t want to talk about it again but I saw this article in the Detroit News 2 days ago about the fast food strikes and just had to share. The economics are obvious and anyone who isn’t a numskull gets it, this one is about the people.


Warren resident Shanise Stitt has worked in the fast food industry for nine years, the last four at a Taco Bell at Eight and Ryan Road.

“I have to pay for food, light and rent like anyone else but the pay is horrible,” said Stitt, 27, the mother of three, ages 12, 9 and 3.

“I only make $8.09 an hour. I’ve just started a second job at a factory to try to make ends meet. I want us to have the right to form a union without a fear of retaliation.”

While it’s commendable she has the wherewithal to have a job, she still forms the what we traditionally know as the dregs of society.
27 years old with 3 kids(no doubt by different men) the oldest being 12 when she herself is 27, which with simple arithmetic we can see means she popped out when she herself was 15.
If you screwed up your life enough to have a kid at 15 and didn’t realize the challenges and responsibility that brings with it to go ahead and have 2 more one at 18 and another at 25, you really can’t complain that life is tough and you only make $8. Sure it is tough, but it’s toughest most of all because you’re an idiot.
Does that mean she’s representative of all fast food workers? No, of course not, but lets not fool ourselves into thinking were dealing with the cream of the crop here, these aren’t even the people who only just didn’t make it into to Yale. Many are just decent, fairly normal people, but WAY too many are a lost cause. These are not curious, depth probing economists and surprisingly the people who are carrying the water for their cause aren’t either.

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  1. Even in my most liberal, equalist days I made it a life goal to never work in fast food. I bet if you asked most people, while they might not have that as a goal they’d certainly avoid it.

    People instinctively know to avoid lowering themselves in the class structure. Those that don’t have that built into them are, in some way, broken individuals.

    • The only time I thought of it is when I was like 10-12 and I didn’t realize how little they made. I simply thought I could work and my dad could stay home, but I also knew that as a young kid it was the only thing I was qualified for.

      • Fair enough.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked in the food industry as a waiter and a barista for starbucks. They’re decent jobs as long as you have a longterm goal. It just seems that to so many they’re not a means to an end, but the end itself.

        Fast food attracts the worst of those.

  2. Well, dregs of society or no, we all have the right to freedom of association (which would include collective bargaining, exceptions actual security concerns like airtraffic control which isn’t the case here).

    They can strike, and if the companies want to summarily fire them all they also have that right. If the companies think addressing some of the concerns and meeting them partway is better than firing, they can do that to. I suspect the strikers are overplaying their hands…can’t take long to train a worker for this job. They could probably replace them all in 24 hours.

  3. I’m quite sympathetic to your callousness toward fast-food workers, but shaming women for having children? That’s just foul and really aren’t we better than that? It’s not even quite the point – the point is that she, like everyone else in fast food, really doesn’t produce much of value, and she therefore isn’t paid very much. Whether she has no kids or 50 doesn’t make her a better or worse person, necessarily. And it was definitely uncalled for to assume who impregnated her, and then to imply that she is “the dregs of society” for her sexual choices (assuming she was not raped!). I hope that this attitude is the exception for you and not the rule; I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that it was more a factor of the outrage of people claiming they’re worth $15 an hour to do something so easy a robot would be better at it.

    BTW You might like my open letter to fast-food strikers:

    • A person who continues to have children she can’t afford to raise should be ashamed.

      @Tiffany: “Whether she has no kids or 50 doesn’t make her a better or worse person, necessarily.”

      Actually, having 50 kids she can’t afford for would indeed make her a worse person than having 10 she can’t afford which would still be worse than having 3 she can’t afford, which is worse than having one she can’t afford. The children are consequences of her irresponsible actions, and the rest of society (read: other children) is forced to pay in both direct and indirect ways.

      • Yes, it’s bad to buy a house, car, or closet full of shoes and clothes that someone can’t afford, but having kids, multiple kids at that, is not just dumb but irresponsible.

    • I’m not shaming her for having children, I’m shaming her for making stupid life choices. I’ll bet you $100 she wasn’t raped. I’m confident of that because people like her are a dime a dozen around Detroit(and many other cities). I’m not shaming her as an individual, I’m shaming an entire culture that consistently produces people like her, who think that making the same dumb choices is a right that they can’t be criticized for. She’s just the mole who popped up to be whacked at the moment. She made stupid choices and wants to be rewarded for them, I believe in second chances but she’s blown through that point a long time ago

      I confidently assume she didn’t grow up in the same environment as I did and therefore didn’t have good parents who raised her to be smart and responsible. So even though people like this regularly don’t have parents around to teach them the lessons of life and a certain point they can’t say they’re still ignorant of them. What are the odds that this lady has taught her kids the lessons she had to learn so hard? Consider this behavior has been going on for 4 generations now I say doubtful.

    • Haha, by using the words economics and theory to describe your ideas, you denigrate the value of the words.

      The cost of living is not economics and those who struggle under minimum wage conditions are not economic indicators.

      Stop thinking with your feelings, life is tough.

      • It’s microeconomic reality. Incidentally the first result here says meanings of cost living : cost of living, an economic concept ; and Cost-of-living index, an economic measure of the change in cost of living. I have read some things on systems theory and on emergent systems. Systems theory is all about the idea that things exist in integrated complex systems, not in isolation. It is a reaction to centuries of cartesian reductionism, and has many scientific, social and political applications. Uh…. I suppose you think the superrich and megacorporations which have the deck thoroughly stacked in their favor are economic indicators? A personal attack against a 27 year old having 3 kids is not an argument against minimum wage increase, btw. Nor is calling its proponents morons. Being on the short end of the economic and political power stick by virtue of birth or skin color is not cause for condemnation in my view. You can’t criticize people for being trapped in a no-exit economic scheme without workable paths out. It is irrational and unjust for 93% of revenue increases to accrue to the top 1% while everyone else’s wage is inflated away (since 2007, although the trend started before that) even as worker productivity soars.

      • Do corporations put themselves first? Absolutely, I don’t deny that, but I blame the politicians who only make things worse every time they get involved. The corporate fat cats are getting away with what they are allowed to. More rules won’t fix it, more accountability will. But that won’t be what happens.

        However accountability is also a matter for individuals and a person who makes bad choices gets little sympathy from me. I do not come from a priveleged background and yet that doesn’t stop me from not making stupid mistakes and when things do happen in my life I deal with them best I can and know that complaining about how hard life is doesn’t do anything but waste time better spent.

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