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Rabble Rabble Rabble, Bigot!

The chairman of pasta company Barilla went on a Radio24 program to explain the company’s apparent position against depicting gay couples or families in its advertisements. “I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role,”

That’s the opener from an article at something called Looks like some New York City food snob supplement.

Anyway as you can imagine the gay mafia came out(no pun intended) in the comments section. Here’s a sampling;



How unfortunate that Barilla is so out of touch that they still believe a traditional family is one that the woman’s fundamental role is in the kitchen.
Although I am not gay, I will now be enjoying another manufacturer’s pasta.

Funny thing is that even the POPE is more tolerant that this Italian Pasta Clown!!!!
Barilla’s clock is set in the Middle Ages!!!

@maher101 – Most people don’t ask for ‘acceptance’ anymore. No one is asking Barilla’s chairman to embrace families with same sex parents. The issue here is tolerance.

“… where the woman plays a fundamental role.” – read: subservient / second-class. So he manages to offend gays, women, and anyone of any stripe not in a “traditional” family (which really isn’t all that traditional any time before WWII anyway).

Great ads, but this traditional family won’t be buying Barilla pasta again.

And again our victolympians fail to notice the point go right over their heads.
When did the Barilla boss say he wanted chained to the stove with barefeet and continually pregnant? For that matter when did Mitt Romney say it? Or Ted Cruz? And so on and son on.
The answer is never. Not only never, but never even insinuated anything at all close. In their haste to cry BIGOT! they failed to think, or is it in their failure to think they simply cry BIGOT!
Nobody is opposed to women working or doing anything they want, but there are some people, as the Barilla man shows us, who thinks that women have a particular role to play in a marriage, that being the role of Mother. If you don’t know what or who Mother is, you’re an idiot. She can work, she can stay at home, the particulars are irrelevant, what is important is the way she conducts her parently duty.
We all know that two parents are better than one and those two parents can configure the household responsibilities however they see fit. If Dad is the chef and Mom the landscaper that’s up to them to figure out.
However we also know there is something to be said for specialization. In other words there is a reason the police department and the water department are separate entities, because you don’t want to be talking to a water treatment engineer about the vandalism on your storefront.
The victims rage being blind they fail to even think about what was said, they simply let loose the dogs or bore. The woman has a fundamental role. That role being Mother. Mother and Father. Ying and Yang. Figure it out.

Take A Stand

I keep hearing in the news now that many weak-kneed Senators are upset that Ted Cruz hasn’t consulted with them before bringing up his defunding Obamacare strategy thats currently being metted out in congress. The way their complaint works out is of course stupid. Their claim of not being shown respect is flimsy. What’s more disrespectful making you’re fellow Senator massage your ego by asking you about every issue, or not voting with and supporting your fellow Senator on a critical issue?

The claim is that Cruz comes from Texas and thus has a greater conservative backing and doesn’t need to appeal to moderates as much so he can be more direct with his attempts to defund Obamacare. Though since nobody seems to have any plans to do so I’m not sure what they’re suggesting.

The point is, screw the moderates, their moderates because they don’t have anything on which they’ll consistently make a principled stand. They might have one or two issues they feel strongly about but if you can convince them something else is more important and urgent they’ll put that on the backburner. These are not low-information voters, they can be swayed, and they will be more likely to come around to someone who takes a principled stand and has the information to prove their point than someone who is so pathetic they are willing to go along to get along and be the “lite” version of their opponents. If the moderate voter wanted democrat lite, they would vote democrat. But the moderate voter wants whatever makes sense, and polls suggest people think if makes sense to scuttle Obamacare.

Mario Takes The Pill

If an Italian plumber can learn to prioritize his life, you can too!


Oh as humane as you please. But this isn’t a question of humanity. It’s a question of game laws.

-Andre Louis, Scaramouche

Vintage Crime Scene Photos Superimposed on Modern NY St – Imgur

Vintage Crime Scene Photos Superimposed on Modern NY St – Imgur.

Some really cool photos to check out there. The devastation of the crimes/events in more astonishing than the overlay work. I hardly even noticed the modern backgrounds.

Emancipate Yourself

For as usual with EMANCIPATION, hard conditions limit the new freedom. If to win recognition the artist must show a distinctive style, the command may strain his fund of originality at the same time as he face vicious competition. To gain the favor of the rich he must cultivate their taste and earn the applause of critics fronting for the public, not to mention the speculative eye if the art-dealer.(78)

Over our five centuries, the changes in social structure, economic life, and cultural expectations have worked fairly steadily toward EMANCIPATION and made INDIVIDUALISM a common form of SELF-CONCIOUSNESS. The artist is the conspicuous and congenial example. But free play for the self is still a goal to be achieved and not a gift. Under any system, whoever wants self-fulfillment must exert willpower over a long stretch of time, besides possessing talent and knowing how to manage it. And as is plain from daily experience, many who make this effort fail nonetheless and complain of “subjection”. Meanwhile, the great majority feel no wish for public fame or self-expression, which does not mean that they are denied respect or some scope for their modest powers. The society in which everybody finds his or her proper level and due recognition has yet to be designed and made to work.( 88-89)

From, Dawn to Decadence, by Jacques Barzun.

Taking the art topic away and simply applying it to life, there is a fact of life in the above two paragraphs, that I picked up on while reading that book. I could explain it, but that would take away from the discovery a reader would have to make on his own. But being a nice guy I will offer up a keyword to set the tone.



*Another one of rambling posts where I connect two thoughts, bear with me.

As I looked out the window this morning I saw a rabbit nibbling at the grass. I stood and watched it eat its breakfast while I ate mine and I quickly thought, ‘why do rabbits exist if all they eat is grass?’. Of course I knew the answer immediately, to act as a food source to some other larger predator. That’s the way life on earth works, complicated yet simple systems that have a specific purpose.

If you need the food chain explained to you, click here. But of course it’s more than the food chain, it’s our bodies themselves. Each system in the body(nervous, respiratory, etc), performs a certain function and that function helps the other systems. So your digestive system provides nutrients which give you energy with keeps your circulatory system functioning, which keeps your nervous system functioning and on and on the closed loop system goes.

Still there’s even more particulars to our bodies, the way our organs are positioned is even particular. Male and female reproductive organs are in the same place with makes things much more convenient than if the mans penis was on his ear and the womans vagina was on the back of her knee.

Whether you believe in a creator, evolution out of primordial soup or something in between the way each creature is “designed” and each system(i.e. the food chain, body functions) work is very specific. It would have been easier to “create” humans and animals that didn’t require such high maintenance. If we didn’t need to eat, or breath oxygen, or worry about bleeding out we could do so much more. Alas we are not toy dolls we are living creatures and thus have those needs.

What’s my point? There are systems at place in the world, large and small, complex and simple. From principles of diet and exercise to the food chain and beyond. They are what they are and they work they way they do for a reason. Now, in this society we seem to have an increasing number of people who whether through, naivete, ignorance, stupidity, or all of the above think we can simply do without the systems that have governed human civilization since its beginnings. I’m not talking about the digestive system now, but rather things like principles of economy and trade.

The solution to every social problem for these people is to make whatever is the issue free. Healthcare, free. K-University education, free. Food and shelter, free. Phones, free. Of course a society would do well to ensure its citizens have much, there is something wrong when people begin to believe it can simply be given away for free.

What they fail to recognize is that someone has to pay for that “free” education, and “free” obamaphone, and “free” healthcare. Now however a society wants to run its establishments is up to that society, but there is one fact that remains regardless. That is that there is no free lunch. Someone will be paying for it somehow.  The system of economics works very much like the food chain. Each person contributes a piece and each person receives a piece of a size commensurate to their “value” as determined by the system.

No amount of social engineering, or making everything “free” will change it, because it’s unavoidable, it’s simply the system by which things naturally work.

Porn Map

Saw this up online, interesting.