Sun-Tzu Thoughts Part Two

I’m watching the news and everyone is talking about Syria so I have come up with a few new thoughts.

First problem is that we have no strategy or goals, so why go to war? They say we need to back up our talk and support the President so we don’t look weak. But won’t we look weak if all we do is drop bombs and refuse to engage in a serious manner. After all isn’t that the entire line of thinking that led us to have problems with Bin Laden?

Honestly, what’s the weaker image? Having a President who is a typical anti-military liberal who talked tough and had to back down or a typical anti-military liberal President talk tough and back it up with a “minimal” purposeless “action”? By the by, it hasn’t worked out so well for the former Yugoslavia.

Furthermore if the idea is to drop bombs and take out the Syrian Air Force as our sending a message to Assad won’t that make him more reliant on the other superior weapons systems he has remaining, including chemical weapons. Assad has the advantage in equipment over the rebels(though not in strategy which is why the matter still continues). So if he has felt backed up enough to use chemicals now, won’t he feel under more pressure to do so when he lacks the air power advantage that has been to his benefit so far?

But what do I know.


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  1. All you need to know about the failure of our foreign policy can be discerned by looking at the State Department’s current travel advisory list:

    It’s HUGE. Check out the breadcrumbs and you’ll notice that the vast majority of them didn’t exist before 911. It was a very very short list back then.

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