*Another one of rambling posts where I connect two thoughts, bear with me.

As I looked out the window this morning I saw a rabbit nibbling at the grass. I stood and watched it eat its breakfast while I ate mine and I quickly thought, ‘why do rabbits exist if all they eat is grass?’. Of course I knew the answer immediately, to act as a food source to some other larger predator. That’s the way life on earth works, complicated yet simple systems that have a specific purpose.

If you need the food chain explained to you, click here. But of course it’s more than the food chain, it’s our bodies themselves. Each system in the body(nervous, respiratory, etc), performs a certain function and that function helps the other systems. So your digestive system provides nutrients which give you energy with keeps your circulatory system functioning, which keeps your nervous system functioning and on and on the closed loop system goes.

Still there’s even more particulars to our bodies, the way our organs are positioned is even particular. Male and female reproductive organs are in the same place with makes things much more convenient than if the mans penis was on his ear and the womans vagina was on the back of her knee.

Whether you believe in a creator, evolution out of primordial soup or something in between the way each creature is “designed” and each system(i.e. the food chain, body functions) work is very specific. It would have been easier to “create” humans and animals that didn’t require such high maintenance. If we didn’t need to eat, or breath oxygen, or worry about bleeding out we could do so much more. Alas we are not toy dolls we are living creatures and thus have those needs.

What’s my point? There are systems at place in the world, large and small, complex and simple. From principles of diet and exercise to the food chain and beyond. They are what they are and they work they way they do for a reason. Now, in this society we seem to have an increasing number of people who whether through, naivete, ignorance, stupidity, or all of the above think we can simply do without the systems that have governed human civilization since its beginnings. I’m not talking about the digestive system now, but rather things like principles of economy and trade.

The solution to every social problem for these people is to make whatever is the issue free. Healthcare, free. K-University education, free. Food and shelter, free. Phones, free. Of course a society would do well to ensure its citizens have much, there is something wrong when people begin to believe it can simply be given away for free.

What they fail to recognize is that someone has to pay for that “free” education, and “free” obamaphone, and “free” healthcare. Now however a society wants to run its establishments is up to that society, but there is one fact that remains regardless. That is that there is no free lunch. Someone will be paying for it somehow.  The system of economics works very much like the food chain. Each person contributes a piece and each person receives a piece of a size commensurate to their “value” as determined by the system.

No amount of social engineering, or making everything “free” will change it, because it’s unavoidable, it’s simply the system by which things naturally work.


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  1. “Each person contributes a piece and each person receives a piece of a size commensurate to their “value” as determined by the system.” You know very well that this is not a law of nature and does not always hold true. Also, take a crack at this quiz FYI:

    • I would say that’s probably the first law of nature. You don’t try, you die.

      • The laws of nature ceased to be in force with the invention of money, the legal system, government, and joint stock corporations

      • No, no they didn’t or they wouldn’t be laws of nature. Even at the simplest level they still exist, if you refuse to lift you arms you can’t eat even the free food they might give you. And still just because someone else does it for you doesn’t mean the same principles aren’t happening, being catatonic isn’t an excuse.

  2. @ lostinmist: “The laws of nature ceased to be in force with the invention of money, the legal system, government, and joint stock corporations”

    Money, the legal system, government, corporations et al are not contrary to the laws of nature. They’re simply more efficient. Money is an easier means of exchange, the legal system and government (they’re mutually inclusive) serve as the “stationary bandit” (aka stationary predator/group of predators), Corporations a group of social animals conducting exchange for mutual benefit.

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