Take A Stand

I keep hearing in the news now that many weak-kneed Senators are upset that Ted Cruz hasn’t consulted with them before bringing up his defunding Obamacare strategy thats currently being metted out in congress. The way their complaint works out is of course stupid. Their claim of not being shown respect is flimsy. What’s more disrespectful making you’re fellow Senator massage your ego by asking you about every issue, or not voting with and supporting your fellow Senator on a critical issue?

The claim is that Cruz comes from Texas and thus has a greater conservative backing and doesn’t need to appeal to moderates as much so he can be more direct with his attempts to defund Obamacare. Though since nobody seems to have any plans to do so I’m not sure what they’re suggesting.

The point is, screw the moderates, their moderates because they don’t have anything on which they’ll consistently make a principled stand. They might have one or two issues they feel strongly about but if you can convince them something else is more important and urgent they’ll put that on the backburner. These are not low-information voters, they can be swayed, and they will be more likely to come around to someone who takes a principled stand and has the information to prove their point than someone who is so pathetic they are willing to go along to get along and be the “lite” version of their opponents. If the moderate voter wanted democrat lite, they would vote democrat. But the moderate voter wants whatever makes sense, and polls suggest people think if makes sense to scuttle Obamacare.


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