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Party Priority

There is a post at House of Eratosthenes about the liberal statement of, PASSED BY A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, PASSED BY A SUPER MAJORITY IN THE SENATE, AND DECLARED CONSTITUTIONAL BY SCOTUS, as regards to a victory declaration of the validity of the ACA.

The post then goes to explain that while it may be legitimately legal, it does not pass the smell test.

Oh yes, the vote was valid. And legal. And the House of Representatives is charged by our Constitution with the obligation to represent the Will of the People, therefore, to bring that will to the decision-making process. The thing is, though, they fucked up when they did it. They did it wrong. Next time the real “People” had something to say about it, there was a bloodletting, because this isn’t what they wanted.

Supermajority in the Senate: Sixty to thirty-nine, with one abstention. Again, not a single Republican vote. But a supermajority is a supermajority, right? Two words: Cornhusker Kickback. And many other things. No representation of the true Will of the People in this chamber, either.

I then began the process of conjuring up my own thoughts on the matter and this it what it comes down to. The way ACA was passed and is being carried out is in effect similar to the way things were done in the Third Reich*.

During the latter half of World War Two, decisions were made by the leaders of the Third Reich to destroy Germany as they retreated. For a clear understanding of this read, Inside the Third Reich, By Albert Speer. As the situation got worse and worse for Germany the situation became more and more a matter of party loyalty. Those who demonstrated the highest commitment to party ideology were given the greatest platform, regardless of the sanity, truth, or reality of their plans or suggestions. There was no sense of loyalty beyond the National Socialist Party. Germany to them was nothing, the Nazi party was everything and the only thing.

That is similar to what we have with the insanity of Reid, Pelosi and Co. today with their insanity and foolishness. There is no need to consider America or Americans because the party and its belief system is all that matters and is all that is worth working for.

The ACA will have the equivalent of blowing up all the bridges and flooding all the mines of Germany but we do it anyway because it is an item on the list of goals anyway.

However the situation is not all similar. For if we look to Albert Speer again we can look to a statement of his from his Nuremberg trial.

In political life there is a responsibility for a man’s own sector, for that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State? But this collective responsibility can only apply to fundamental matters and not to details….Even in the an authoritarian system this collective responsibility of the leaders must exist; there can be no attempting to withdraw from the collective responsibility after the catastrophe. For if the war had been won, the leadership would probably have raised the claim that it was collectively responsible….I have this obligation all the more since the chief of government has withdrawn from his responsibilities to the German people and to the world.

A great statement. Simple enough for any five year-old who has been properly raised could understand. And yet how many times do we hear excuses from the same people who have passed this disfigured excuse of a law? How many times do the people who passed this law with a supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House now blame republicans for everything occurring which was entirely predicted? Weekly at least. For further examples we could extend the matter of responsibility to a number of other issues/scandals that have occurred and have received no further attention.

Of course the statement is also great because it brings up another point. What if it was working? Would they be willing to take all the credit? Certainly so, so why are they not willing to take the responsibility? Because the party comes first and last.

*I am not a person who invokes Godwins law as a moral trump card in argument but rather a historical enthusiast who draws similarities between situations.


A Case For The ‘Wait, What?’ Files

I heard a radio commercial yesterday that made a crossed look on my face. I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly. It was so strange I thought it had to be satire. It was a commercial promoting Free Speech Week. A week celebrating our right as Americans to speak freely. A right not granted to us by the government but a right natural to us that the government can’t revoke or stifle.

I’m unsure if this is a government sanctioned event, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s put on with government grants or funds in some way, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that we need a week to celebrate free speech in America. Isn’t that selling it short by quite a large degree? I would like to think that as Americans  we understand our right to free speech and celebrate it our whole lives. Of course that doesn’t mean we should go around yelling like goats but that we have a warm respect for the matter because it is a right of ours not available in any other country that I know of.

It’s the same thing I think about black history month. A month to celebrate black history?  While I think black history and free speech should be celebrated, I think it is far better to live it or BE it. A month or a weeks dedication does not make a cause with issues that are eternal.

Respectfully acknowledge it everyday and their is no need to hold events for your cause because they are a recognized part of life.

Washington Redskins

Lots of PC-minded folks once again think the NFL’s Washington Redskins should change their name.


They should be called the Oklahoma City Redskins. Omaha being choice two.

After that tear down the stadium and put up an Indian casino. That’s the best justice that can be administered.


Protected Species: Gay Is The New Communist

After following a link to a huffpo article recently I stayed on the site for a few minutes and checked out a few of their sections to see what other stories they had up. That’s when I saw something I can’t recall seeing on any other sites, a gay rights news tab. Politics, Sports, Business, World, and Gay rights, all the really critical stuff.

Like most people, I don’t care about gays. Not don’t care as in heartless, but don’t care as in the whole issue is annoying and forced upon us. You would hardly even guess that only 1-2% of the population was gay considering they are now a representative character in every primetime TV show and most movies and that the news carries the banner daily including a whole headline tab at Huffpo. My suspicion is that much of the cultural elite, particularly the entertainment and news arenas are closet gays who just love to push it out there, and the rest are of course just the disingenuous wimps we’ve come to expect in our society.(Tell me again how this is about identity-victim politics).

It’s obvious gays are the new victim group, but it’s much more than that, because it’s likely personal for many of these nudgers. Here’s my thought on it;

Gay is the new Communist.

If you know you’re history you know what I mean. Being that it’s the communists behind each of these forced initiatives it’s not a stretch either. From the Walter Duranty’s of old spewing their outright lies and fabrications about the USSR, to todays latest generation of brainwashed dopes who just know that “communism is great on paper but has never really been tried”.

Don’t you suggest otherwise or you’re just a cold-hearted capitalist who wants to see little kids starving and kept under your thumb. Never mind that Sen. McCarthy was proven right, it was still mean to do what he did. Communists are people too and don’t you dare say otherwise.

Today the Queer movement has filled in that spot. Communism is still alive and well against the media, but they’ve bondo’d the LGBTGIF movement right on top of it, that’s why it’s hard to tell it’s even communism anymore, because now its progressivism.

So what does this get us. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the gay mantra is a bigot. Don’t believe me, go read the comments on any of the Huffpo articles in that section. See, everyone’s a bigot, you can’t have your own opinion because then you don’t go along with the gay thing so you’re hateful, nevermind that most people just don’t care like was mentioned above, you’re a bigot.




a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
1590–1600;  < Middle French  ( Old French:  derogatory name applied by the French to the Normans), perhaps < Old English bī God  by God

A person who is intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion? My gosh that would mean that if someone called me a bigot because I didn’t go along with their scheme, than they would be superior to me. Wait wait wait, that’s not right, let me think some more…oh yeah they’re a bigot too. But alas, critical thinking is not taught in communist schools, along with definitions.

Everything Must Go At La. WalMart

Surely all these upstanding citizens of the highest moral conscience will offer to make up for what they got free right?

Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch


I don’t blame someone for getting what they can, I tried ordering some parts online last week that the site had listed as FREE, however they didn’t have it in stock/slash the site didn’t work when I tried placing it in my cart. So I simply clicked away and thought no more of it. It’s hard to complain about people taking what is free, and even harder to justify when we’re talking about lifetime welfare recipients in the first place.

Columbus Day Whiners

Those who think the US shouldn’t celebrate Christopher Colombus’ discovery of the new world because he was such a bad guy and only brought those evil white men over here who killed the natives can file their complaint with the government of Spain.

Why Shaming Works

Shaming is a tremendous sub-topic in the blog world these days. Most shaming isn’t really shaming as much as it is the acknowledgement of some kind of standard that should be applied to facets of life. So we have the shamers, mostly normal people, and the anti-shamers, the over-reactionary crybaby types.

While reading recently I came across something that made me think of shaming and its effects, the topic had to do with the UN and the international community. I came up with why shaming works by an example of how it doesn’t.

The modern UN is a shaming organization. It tries to shame countries into doing something or accepting something through shaming and bully tactics. The UN doesn’t physically do anything to its targets nations, the threat of violence doesn’t even exist. At best the UN threatens, “do what we want or we’ll sick the Americans on you”, which we Americans are too often enough obliged to do. So the UN uses shame as it’s method of motivation, yet it fails to work. More often than not I might guess.

The UN tries to shame Iran, North Korea, and lately Syria into doing things and what happens? Those countries mockingly laugh as they turn and walk away. They know nothing will be done and aren’t worried about empty threats.

That’s what makes shaming work or fail, not the shaming itself but the weight behind the shame. You can fat-shame grossly overweight people because they know it’s wrong and gross. If you shame them about it, and this doesn’t mean “go away fatass” namecalling, but the simple recognition of standards, there’s a chance they’ll get with the program.

However you can’t shame Syria or North Korea. Why? Because what are you going to do? They’re already in a bad enough spot that anything you try won’t make a noticeable difference. Shame didn’t remove Saddam Hussein after the first gulf war because there was no threat to him behind the shame, it was an unstated goal of the coalition but without anything behind it it was left to the hope that the Iraqi people might just raise the gumption to do it themselves, but if the war-winning coalition armed forces won’t touch him, why would they?

And that’s why shaming works, because it has the weight of society behind it and is not just an empty gesture. You can shame me into not liking The Steve Miller Band and I wouldn’t care, but in a room of people who like the Steve Miller band I’ll be more likely to admit that their not bad, just not my favorite either.

Shaming works, it worked in the past too, the only difference is that back then it wasn’t called shaming but was simply recognized as the standard by which we lived our lives.