Protected Species: Gay Is The New Communist

After following a link to a huffpo article recently I stayed on the site for a few minutes and checked out a few of their sections to see what other stories they had up. That’s when I saw something I can’t recall seeing on any other sites, a gay rights news tab. Politics, Sports, Business, World, and Gay rights, all the really critical stuff.

Like most people, I don’t care about gays. Not don’t care as in heartless, but don’t care as in the whole issue is annoying and forced upon us. You would hardly even guess that only 1-2% of the population was gay considering they are now a representative character in every primetime TV show and most movies and that the news carries the banner daily including a whole headline tab at Huffpo. My suspicion is that much of the cultural elite, particularly the entertainment and news arenas are closet gays who just love to push it out there, and the rest are of course just the disingenuous wimps we’ve come to expect in our society.(Tell me again how this is about identity-victim politics).

It’s obvious gays are the new victim group, but it’s much more than that, because it’s likely personal for many of these nudgers. Here’s my thought on it;

Gay is the new Communist.

If you know you’re history you know what I mean. Being that it’s the communists behind each of these forced initiatives it’s not a stretch either. From the Walter Duranty’s of old spewing their outright lies and fabrications about the USSR, to todays latest generation of brainwashed dopes who just know that “communism is great on paper but has never really been tried”.

Don’t you suggest otherwise or you’re just a cold-hearted capitalist who wants to see little kids starving and kept under your thumb. Never mind that Sen. McCarthy was proven right, it was still mean to do what he did. Communists are people too and don’t you dare say otherwise.

Today the Queer movement has filled in that spot. Communism is still alive and well against the media, but they’ve bondo’d the LGBTGIF movement right on top of it, that’s why it’s hard to tell it’s even communism anymore, because now its progressivism.

So what does this get us. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the gay mantra is a bigot. Don’t believe me, go read the comments on any of the Huffpo articles in that section. See, everyone’s a bigot, you can’t have your own opinion because then you don’t go along with the gay thing so you’re hateful, nevermind that most people just don’t care like was mentioned above, you’re a bigot.




a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
1590–1600;  < Middle French  ( Old French:  derogatory name applied by the French to the Normans), perhaps < Old English bī God  by God

A person who is intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion? My gosh that would mean that if someone called me a bigot because I didn’t go along with their scheme, than they would be superior to me. Wait wait wait, that’s not right, let me think some more…oh yeah they’re a bigot too. But alas, critical thinking is not taught in communist schools, along with definitions.


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  1. Gay rights activists equate tolerance with acceptance. People don’t “tolerate” things they consider to be good, they only tolerate things they consider to be bad. So they can’t abide by tolerance only, because they refuse to permit the notion that homosexuality might be wrong/flawed/evil/erroneous/mistaken. Rather, they demand acceptance. They’re actually a very intolerant bunch.

    Someone else wrote this anonymously on another forum, but it seems appropriate here. I think it was well said: “Consider if smokers adopted the same tactics as gay activists. If you were to claim that smoking is dangerous, you’d be branded smokophobic. If you were to oppose allowing smokers to light up in public, you’d be branded narrow-minded. Any discussion of the merits of smoking would be treated as an attack on smokers. The only outcome smokers would accept is that you “tolerate” them, without the foundation of recognition that smoking is bad. How is that version of “tolerance” any different than acceptance?”

  2. Gays now want approval, not tolerance. Big difference between saying “I love my gay child” vs. “I love that my child is gay”.

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