A Case For The ‘Wait, What?’ Files

I heard a radio commercial yesterday that made a crossed look on my face. I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly. It was so strange I thought it had to be satire. It was a commercial promoting Free Speech Week. A week celebrating our right as Americans to speak freely. A right not granted to us by the government but a right natural to us that the government can’t revoke or stifle.

I’m unsure if this is a government sanctioned event, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s put on with government grants or funds in some way, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that we need a week to celebrate free speech in America. Isn’t that selling it short by quite a large degree? I would like to think that as Americans  we understand our right to free speech and celebrate it our whole lives. Of course that doesn’t mean we should go around yelling like goats but that we have a warm respect for the matter because it is a right of ours not available in any other country that I know of.

It’s the same thing I think about black history month. A month to celebrate black history?  While I think black history and free speech should be celebrated, I think it is far better to live it or BE it. A month or a weeks dedication does not make a cause with issues that are eternal.

Respectfully acknowledge it everyday and their is no need to hold events for your cause because they are a recognized part of life.

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  1. There’s even an international toilet day.

    I never understand about 90 percent of the ‘day’/’week’ celebrations. But then, I don’t understand ‘awareness’ campaigns either. Just got strong-armed into doing a Jumba marathon for breast cancer awareness yesterday. Bunch of ladies in pink with paint on their faces engaged in an obtuse dancing exercise to “raise awareness” and “fight” for breast cancer. Yeah! Dance that cancer right out the door…WTF?

  2. Zumba, not jumba, that.

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