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There is a post at House of Eratosthenes about the liberal statement of, PASSED BY A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, PASSED BY A SUPER MAJORITY IN THE SENATE, AND DECLARED CONSTITUTIONAL BY SCOTUS, as regards to a victory declaration of the validity of the ACA.

The post then goes to explain that while it may be legitimately legal, it does not pass the smell test.

Oh yes, the vote was valid. And legal. And the House of Representatives is charged by our Constitution with the obligation to represent the Will of the People, therefore, to bring that will to the decision-making process. The thing is, though, they fucked up when they did it. They did it wrong. Next time the real “People” had something to say about it, there was a bloodletting, because this isn’t what they wanted.

Supermajority in the Senate: Sixty to thirty-nine, with one abstention. Again, not a single Republican vote. But a supermajority is a supermajority, right? Two words: Cornhusker Kickback. And many other things. No representation of the true Will of the People in this chamber, either.

I then began the process of conjuring up my own thoughts on the matter and this it what it comes down to. The way ACA was passed and is being carried out is in effect similar to the way things were done in the Third Reich*.

During the latter half of World War Two, decisions were made by the leaders of the Third Reich to destroy Germany as they retreated. For a clear understanding of this read, Inside the Third Reich, By Albert Speer. As the situation got worse and worse for Germany the situation became more and more a matter of party loyalty. Those who demonstrated the highest commitment to party ideology were given the greatest platform, regardless of the sanity, truth, or reality of their plans or suggestions. There was no sense of loyalty beyond the National Socialist Party. Germany to them was nothing, the Nazi party was everything and the only thing.

That is similar to what we have with the insanity of Reid, Pelosi and Co. today with their insanity and foolishness. There is no need to consider America or Americans because the party and its belief system is all that matters and is all that is worth working for.

The ACA will have the equivalent of blowing up all the bridges and flooding all the mines of Germany but we do it anyway because it is an item on the list of goals anyway.

However the situation is not all similar. For if we look to Albert Speer again we can look to a statement of his from his Nuremberg trial.

In political life there is a responsibility for a man’s own sector, for that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State? But this collective responsibility can only apply to fundamental matters and not to details….Even in the an authoritarian system this collective responsibility of the leaders must exist; there can be no attempting to withdraw from the collective responsibility after the catastrophe. For if the war had been won, the leadership would probably have raised the claim that it was collectively responsible….I have this obligation all the more since the chief of government has withdrawn from his responsibilities to the German people and to the world.

A great statement. Simple enough for any five year-old who has been properly raised could understand. And yet how many times do we hear excuses from the same people who have passed this disfigured excuse of a law? How many times do the people who passed this law with a supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House now blame republicans for everything occurring which was entirely predicted? Weekly at least. For further examples we could extend the matter of responsibility to a number of other issues/scandals that have occurred and have received no further attention.

Of course the statement is also great because it brings up another point. What if it was working? Would they be willing to take all the credit? Certainly so, so why are they not willing to take the responsibility? Because the party comes first and last.

*I am not a person who invokes Godwins law as a moral trump card in argument but rather a historical enthusiast who draws similarities between situations.

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