Hall of Mirrors

I recently had occasion to meet about 15 or so young Detroiters(black obviously) who were all joining the Army. This group was asked to stand up and state their name, the job they were going to do in the Army, and why they joined the Army.

Now we can obviously deduce from this much alone that these are decent kids. They all at least completed high school and spoke clearly(for the most part). However I observed them later on displaying a touch of that rambuncitousness unique to blacks. So on the whole they’re not the type you expect to find in a mugshot.

However what’s interesting is the answers they gave as to why they were joining the Army. Say 75% stated that they wanted to better themselves or make a better life for themselves or something along those lines.

Again this isn’t a surprise among a crowd who has decided to join the Army. But it made me think of something. How many of these young adults who wanted to improve their situation voted democrat? I wonder because Detroit has a history of voting D to the tune of something like 93%. Would any of this crowd be self-aware enough to vote alternatively and not choose the party that does its best to keep them trapped in the cocoon of false comfort? It’s a curious question.


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