Your Just Reward

I enjoy being in a new city and exploring the selection of local radio stations. It’s just one of the little things that’s nice when you find a station with a different slant than what you get at home.

I did this in Pittsburgh recently when I was there. Still what stands out most to me is a moment when I was scanning through the stations and listened to a sports radio show. They were talking about the Steelers season(they might not be doing well from what it sounded like). Anyway, they had a caller say that he was a season ticket holder for 40 years. 40 YEARS!

How sad is it that this guy is not an uncommon find in a number of American cities. Who spends 40 years dedicated to a sports team? You like the team, you go to some games, watch some games, have a little merchandise, and I won’t criticize too much. But spending 40 years and countless thousands of dollars on watching football is a massive waste.

I’d bet 50-to-1 that folks like this would cry up a storm if they worked at a company for even 25 years and were fired without any retirement pension. And that’s exactly what they get from the teams they support. In his case at least the Steelers are a pretty good team and have won some championships, but what does he get for that? The satisfaction of watching them? Hardly satisfying. Even less satisfying for the millions of other people who support unsuccessful teams.

It just boggles my mind that people are this committed to a sports team that isn’t even aware of their existence beyond cashing the checks they send in for their tickets.


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