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This story was linked from Doug Ross linkfest that I have on the link list. It’s about a recent grouping of flash mob robberies in Chicago. Nothing new there, but this is.

The crime wave has gotten so bad, in fact, that earlier this year the Chicago PD announced a new response plan, or rather, a NON-response plan, wherein police will not even show up at crime scenes unless someone has been critically injured or the perpetrator is still on the scene.

Obviously it’s not going to stop if you don’t pursue it. But what can you do? Security at each store, constant vigilance? That’s not good for business and I’m sure the ACLU would appreciate the test.

Frankly there isn’t much that can be done. You can’t catch them in time and you can’t be harsh enough to deter anyone else. Even if you did catch these ‘youths’, AND actually got a judge to hand down a stiff sentence you still wouldn’t stop or deter anyone.

They don’t do it because they’re desperate, they do it because they can do it and get away with it to boot. The crux of the problem isn’t the crime it’s that this happens on a near daily basis in this country. It isn’t circumstantial, it’s what happens when people stop caring. This is the socialist future, when you’ve taken away all authority and sense of honor from a society don’t be surprised when it acts without it.

Socialist irony strikes again, in trying to make a new “group” which we can build our dream society on, we had to dismantle the one we had which kept everyone in line.

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