Tales From The Public School

Teacher parent recently shared a story as I sat around the hearth with my parents one evening.

This tale involves the psychologist(or just has a psych degree perhaps) sister of a colleague who works/volunteers at a different school. And it’s a good thing too apparently. As the story was told, pysch lady had to disarm a student recently. The weapon, apparently the deadly frying pan. The student, a first grader, oh yes I didn’t mention it’s an elementary school. Better still this isn’t the first time this particular student has had occasions of this type of behavior.

Yes this is an anecdotal story, but at what point do we as a society finally once again realize that, although everyone has equal rights under the law, that doesn’t entitle them to go all Ty Cobb with the Bobby Flay cookware?

If your first thought on hearing a story about a troubled screw loose seven year old is that the poor kid needs more socialization congratulations you’re still in the level one thinkers class. While some socialization may be a good thing, 20 or more random kids in a class and several hundred in the school plus the plethora of staff probably aren’t conditioned to deal with such a thing. Socialization doesn’t mean send the kid out to run a polling center, but find him a caretaker to find out what, why and how he ticks to mitigate it. If not it’s the padded walls and floors for you sonnyboy, heres some fingerpaints. The film Rainman shows this exactly.

Except Rainman was harmless to others. Our sample here is obviously not and I hate to think what will happen when he grows up and becomes capable of so much more and is still an unmonitored threat because of a jackhole legal and court system.


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  1. It might not even be ‘socialization’ but simply teaching him some self discipline, respect for authority, and more time to use pent up energy. Of course I dont know what situation led to the whole thing

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