Books to Avoid; The Communist Manifesto

I read the communist manifesto by Karl Marx not long ago. I didn’t expect to be impressed and no way in hell was I going to be converted to Comrade Mikalivich Grabinavich. But I, as an intellect seeking middle ground type conservative I like to know what my opposition is up to.

What better material can you read to get an idea of liberalism than that of the founding father, so I picked up a copy from the library.

I’ve stopped reading books because they were poorly written, because I couldn’t concentrate in my surroundings, and occasionally because I just thought it was stupid. The communist manifesto falls into that last category.

I knew I would balk at most of the content, but I tried to read on anyway. Still I couldn’t finish the damn thing. It’s so bad I just put it down and was happy to give up. There is no content to the book. I was well aware of what communism is before I read the book but I expected a little more depth here to be honest.

Marx is basically a dollar store philosopher because that’s all his ideas are worth. It’s so plain and simple that I don’t understand how it can have inspired so much in the world. I know that often the simpler solution is the right solution but there’s literally nothing to it.

And that’s why it’s the perfect manifesto for liberalism today. Because liberalism today is also nothing, it also makes statements of grandeur and moral authority but in the end it doesn’t even have a pin to hold up its own trousers and would fall apart if not for the legions of delusional morons to stupid to use their frontal lobes.


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