Words or Fists

War, moreover, had some civilized features–it was a game. The rules were strict. The word of honor, courtesy between foes, the captured knight deemed a “friend and brother” until ransomed–the full code must be observed if the accusation of foul play was to be avoided. “In 1415 the English and the French heralds watched the battle together from a high place”.

We see here the old way of doing things. Now ask yourself, what is the equivalent way of doing things today. Court, lawsuits. Which you rather have? Because remember lawsuits can go both ways, and their is no restriction on stupidity. Litigation has replaced war but where the average man might be able to conduct himself in a fight no man today can expect to know the entirety of the law.

Much easier to master your fists than the gordian knot of law.

(Quote from Dawn to Decadence by Jacques Barzun, page 226-227.)


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