Hey, Lay Off Man

I’ve never been to New York City and not sure if I really have plans to ever visit. I don’t want to be disappointed by a city that’s not as sterling as the reputation it once had.

In a super city like New York the government probably needs to take on a bigger scale than in other places in order to provide the services that it must so I’ll give a little bit on having a larger than normal government for the circumstances.

Still I feel for the people of New York for having to put up with Nanny Bloomberg types and all his baloney(though not too bad since they voted for him after all).

At this point in time New York is a microcosm of America. Struggling, confused, dejected, hopeless, and leaderless.

It would be awfully nice if Bloomberg and Obama would back off a little with the need to be on everyones case all the time. For folks who like to present themselves as “fighting the establishment”, they do an awfully good job of being the establishment itself.

Maybe not going quite this far, but somewhere in between is surely easy to find.


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