Real Men Don’t…

One of the favorite games of misdirection by the Feminist collective is “Real men don’t…”.

The general method for application takes something generally applied to men and tries to make the case that a real man doesn’t need that to be a real man.

Common examples are;

  • Real men aren’t afraid to show their emotions
  • A real man doesn’t need a big truck/sportscar/guns/etc to show off
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl gains a bunch of weight
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl has had a lot of sexual partners
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl puts other things over him

This attempt at reverse psychology is weak and childish, evidence to that exists in the form of those who fall for it.

Since it is not the domain of feminists to think, they have missed one critical point with their games.

If “real men don’t” need all these things to be men, then women don’t need the government to prop them up with endless forms of welfare to be women.

A real woman doesn’t take handouts, but survives on their own effort and merit.


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