The Future of Americas Classes

The future of America will have three soci0-economic classes. This isn’t news however since America has always had three classes, four during the period of slavery.

The difference is not in the number of classes but in how they are distinguished.

There is currently a growing lower class. Many in the middle class are falling into the lower class, there are many reasons for this. This new lower class however is different from the traditional lower class we’ve seen. This lower strata has now firmly entrenched its benefits. They will not give up their government support without chaos breaking out. The government is the goose that lays the golden egg for them and if the eggs stop they will beat the goose. As this group grows in numbers and its benefits grow in value it becomes more and more resistive to changes that will threaten them.

At the top is the elites, the rich. The rich are the rich and are the same in every culture, they have the money, power, and connections to stay rich. They can buy their safety and do.

In between is the shrinking middle-class. These are what most of are now, or were, and where all the excitement will happen. The middle-class will be afraid of the lower class. This is because the lower class will become more rough around the edges. As the lower class becomes more and more engrained with not working but just ‘getting things’, they won’t hesistate to take things and the middle class will have the most accessible ‘stuff’.

Not only will the lower class win on terms of quality of their roughness, but also by sheer numbers. The middle class will have to seek out help from the upper class. The upper class will use their money to try and buy whatever security they can for the middle class, but the middle class with have to pay for it with their labor. You want to be spared living in Detroit, okay then be my servant. Mow my lawn, prune my roses, clean my pool, wax my car, and walk my dog, that is after you service the robots of course.


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