‘Sex Is Everywhere, So Why Is It Taboo?’

When something scandalous involving sex hits the news, the media follows up with discussions on it and a certain phrase is always uttered.

That phrase is “We’re surrounded by sex in our everyday lives, it’s something everyone deals with, so why is it so taboo a topic”. Somehow sex being an everyday thing means it shouldn’t come with any stipulations or notions of being inappropriate in certain situations.

Yes, sex is everywhere in our culture, and yes everyone becomes aware of it at some point in their life. But what does that have to do with it being something that people should talk about publicly as if it’s no different a subject than the weather? I’m no prude, but I have as much desire to listen to strangers conversations about sex as I do of seeing them in assless chaps.

A good rule for people who don’t understand this is, if you don’t want me watching you do it, don’t talk about it in places where people can hear you. It’s the same thing.

Sex is as much a part of life as eating, combing your hair, tying your shoes, and a million other little activities. But we don’t talk about those because they’re irrelevant and minor. Stop claiming that we shouldn’t hide from sex, we’re not, we’re simply asking you to have a little tact when you choose your topics and behavior around other people.

The enlightened liberal mind may think it would be really cool if us prudish Americans treated public society like a whorehouse but there’s a good reason why we don’t.


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