On China

China is the next world power. Good news for them, not so much for the rest of the world. Communists have never been known for their sensitivity and surely China won’t be the exception in history. They may have become communism with a plush exterior but in reality they are just as rough and mean as can be. Their just smart enough to hide it.

China is growing its military and developing superior weapons systems to equal what the United States fields, while the US is downsizing, and castrating its military while also not even knowing what a military is for anymore.

On top of that China has spent the past several years carrying out cyber attacks against the United States. There are literally swarms of keyboard tapping Chinese who have been doing this everyday while the US occasionally grumbles about setting up a cyberwarfare command.

Adding in economics and Chinese aggression versus American passivity and it’s easy to see why people predict the 21st century as the Chinese century.

What will this change entail when it comes? War possibly?

China is already in conflict with Japan over some islands, but this isn’t particularly new news as China has a history of territorial disputes ongoing with about half a dozen nations anyway.

Some suggest that China will not engage in large wars because they do not have a history of such things. While it’s true that their have not been many offensive wars in the history of China it doesn’t mean that China does not think of itself as deserving of as much as possible, a la WW2 Germany and Japan.

Still it will be at least a few more years until China acts on its aggression. The United States, weak as it is, could still win a war with China if China were the unnatural aggressor.

China will take a patient approach. They will wait for the United States to continue destroying itself. When the American economy has fully gone into the tank and the military can barely function China will be free to act and they will.

If I were a Japanese politician I would be very concerned with getting the US back to strength.


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  1. The rallying force behind Southeast Asian nation’s unity vs China, is China itself

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