Something I’ve noticed in history books before and also noticed on my WW2 in HD DVD, was the use of the term Japs. In the letters, and references from Americans about the Japanese it’s almost always Jap this and Jap that. Almost exclusively the use of the full term Japanese is limited to official government records, i.e. “the nation of japan”.

What’s interesting to remember is that Jap was a racist term. Maybe not so horribly racist consdiering the limited direct interaction americans had with the japanese but it was rascist nonetheless. One of many in an era of racist terms.

Sure the Germans were referred to as gerry, huns, boche, krauts, heines, and a great many more but the germans were more relatable. American and german businesses and people were intimately intwined. It’s interesting to see how people had to simply give that up during the 1930’s and also interesting to see how german-americans were so much more supportive of america than germany(as they were during ww1 as well).

back to the main point, the japs were bad, undeniably different people. Not just a nation, but different people in a way that race was more like a species than a distinction.

and here we are 68 years later and who has been one of our best friends in the internation community that whole time but Japan.  The was fought between the US and japan was brutal, racist, mean, and based on differences and almost as soon as it was over that was all forgotten. As if it was nothing more than a wrestling challenge between brothers or best friends.

It just goes to show what can be had for firmness. The united states was very generous in its treatment of the axis nations after the war, a credit that can be applied to it perhaps alone amonst nations. The united states was generous in rebuilding both germanty and japan yet it was also very frim. It had expectations in line with its own ideas though not immune to the specifics of each nation and it held ot those expectations and as a result succedded in building successful coutnries.

Maybe it has something to do with the national characterisitcs of germany and japan that they could rebuild so well, but it is in no small part that the united states had high expectations.

Still the united states and japan though friendly as friends can be are still different nations. The japanese today are just as different now as they were in 1941-45, but it doesnt matter. the caues for the racist ideas of the past are still there but they have been discarded because it has been realized that it is better to be successful friends than failing enemies. Again that is due to having high standards. If the united states treated the japanse as if they could never be part of the modern western world than they never would ahve been. think about that and how it affects are nations choice of actions in recent history.

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