Welcome to Odins Lounge. As your humble host you can call me Drama, though sometimes I also go by ‘Moose’.

In the Norse myths Valhalla was the great hall of Odin where half of those who died in combat went to await the Ragnarök. Don’t worry about the other half, they went to Fólkvangr with the goddess Freyja.

Every day in Valhalla was the same. The warriors would feast, and conduct great battles, at the end of which their wounds would be healed and they would await to repeat the festivities again the next day. What more could a warrior ask for then great food and combat everyday?

odins lounge

How does that form a blog? Because this blog is intended to be a battleground of discussion, debates, and arguments. I relish in conversation for if I prove a point I can feel victorious and if I concede than I have the benefit of having learned something new and expanding my mind.

I won’t summarise my politics here because I think that much can be garnered through the general tone of my posts. That and I don’t necessarily consider politics to be static and that on some matters I may not have a firm grip on my own position, and that is where the debate comes in.

As for personal details, I intend to keep fairly quiet on those. I will say that I am a 26-year old Bachelors degree(useless) holding male from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. The rest you’ll have to deduce from the details I reveal in my posts. Though you might just have to content yourself as to not knowing why I have a nickname of Moose.


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