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Danny From 504

I’d like to add Danny From 504 to the blogroll.

I first came across Danny’s blog by links from other places in the great manosphere reacharound linkfest. Does that sound gay? Anyway I’ve read posts over at Danny’s since last year and recently he’s one of my favorite people to read. There’s always a lesson to be learned from Danny but he takes himself very lightly and his self-deprecating sense of humor and assured confidence makes him like the awesome cousin or uncle you always look forward to seeing.

He’s a regular guy who isn’t bothered by much and regularly responds to comments so for that we add Dannyfrom504 to the blogroll here.


Blog Material

I know I’ve had a lot of personal posts lately, and you know what? I like it.

This effort has blogging has pretty much turned this into a site where I point out political inefficiency, hypocrisy, and failure.

Not that I don’t mind that stuff, its stuff that I’d like to turn it into something with some positiveness. One of the sayings I created mentions just that, “Don’t live against something, live for something”©.

That isn’t an opportunity to spin something like a smartass either. “I’m not living against men, I’m just pro-women”, “I’m not anti-American, I’m just pro-everybody else”.  People who want to operate like that can hit the bricks, you know what I mean so take the advice of keep going with your half-assed causes.

I’d like to turn this blog into something positive, at least a little bit, and I think I might know how I can do it. I used to be great at giving people advice. It wasn’t an advertised fact that I was good at giving advice, but when people told me about their problems I could them exactly what they needed to do, sometimes word for word. From married women, to single guys I knew what everyone had to do.

I still do (know), it’s just been so long since I’ve socially interacted with enough people to generate as much use as I had before. I’d like to try writing some more stuff like that.

I can’t promise it’ll be good, I can’t promise it’ll even work, and it’ll be tough for me to generate material, but I’ll do what I can for now and hopefully get some stuff going soon enough.

Life is the Leading Cause of Stress

I’m feeling stressed again. This tends to happen when big changes or events occur in my life. The last time it happened was last year in the first few days of my travels.

I was stressing out about making my trains, getting lost, and what I would do in these countries of which I spoke not a bit of language. I started feeling sick. The stress threw my appetite through a loop, I had a constant dull headache, and I’d say that when I bathed more hair than usual ended up on my fingers. All this transpired rapidly in a just a few days. Luckily, as I proceeded on my schedule I became comfortable that I would be okay.

Now again, nearly a year later and I feel stressed. Though this time it’s different. My head might feel a little…blocky, and maybe my body feels a bit off, but it isn’t manifesting itself so much physically this year. It’s more of a mental price that I’m paying.

As I wrote recently I have successfully gotten a new job. My first in over a year, so therefore it’s a big deal, and while I have the job, it isn’t so concretely established yet that I will fulfill my obligations. Not only that, but I still have quite some time before I actually start work and the anticipation probably isn’t helping. If I could get over my stress on vacation by getting through that first stage and becoming comfortable, then the same might apply here. If I didn’t have to wait so long it wouldn’t be so tormenting.

And this job means a lot to me. All my eggs are in this basket. I have a degree that I haven’t used, and no idea what I’m going to do with my life. This job is supposed to add some kind of a stable future to my life. I’m not thinking negatively, it’s just that I realize how important it is to me. If I don’t succeed I’ll probably be 30 and working at Wal-Mart in a few years. I’m smart and capable, but I can’t find an outlet for myself. Too much “Do what you love” and a crappy economy leaves a young man left high and dry. It’s scary to think that I might end up with not even a plan if this falls through. I will quite literally be lost. I may not have worked for the past near year and a half, but I at least had options to consider.

It also doesn’t help that my personal life at this point is non-existent. My friends are few and far-away so I don’t get much of a chance to be a part of a group. On top of that I haven’t even attempted to get a date in months, not since August last year probably.

This is what has smacked me hard today and caused me to write this post. How I would love an adequate job that allowed me to work and support myself with a nice little house, and to have a family as well. People who I actively care about and share my life with. No major stress beyond the day to day occurrences of home life.

This new job will give me the chance to meet people and make friends no doubt, and the addition of a female counterpart is equally possible. Still I have two months before I start and even then the job is not secure as I could easily be bounced out of the company, both before I arrive or at any time I’m there.

If there was anything I could change about myself, it would be to take life as it comes and deal with it without stressing out. I can deal with it, it’s just that when I know things are coming I start to worry and cause stress.

Got a comment yesterday asking if I would add to the blogroll. I checked it out and approve. It appears to be a new site, a cross between Art of Manliness and Return of Kings. We’ll see how it grows.

For that we add to the blogroll here at Odins Lounge.

Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness is another addition I’d like to make to the blogroll.

AoM is the site that really helped me get into the manosphere. A recommendation of books included, No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover, a book about being an Alpha to improve relationships. A book about being a man, recommended by a site called Art of Manliness. What could be more fitting.

It could be said that knowledge or mentality is always within someone, if that’s the case, it was AoM that got the ball rolling to bring it out in me.

AoM isn’t a political site in the least, instead it’s efforts are more directed at helping males improve themselves and become real men.

For its contributions in improving mens value we add Art of Manliness to the blogroll.

Chateau Heartiste

The godfather of the manosphere. That’s how I think of the man behind Chateau Heartiste.

Referred to also as Roissy, I know nothing of the man. I do know that he is a tremendously smart and witty writer who is a veritable cornucopia of knowledge.

While his regular writings involve either men or feminists in all their forms he occasionally ventures out with a pop culture post that’s of equal skill.

Nothing I can say can do justice to his site so I’ll stop now.

For being the best site on the internet I humbly add Chateau Heartiste to the blogroll here at Odins Lounge.

American Thinker

American Thinker is a wonderful opinion news site. Thoughtful, probing ideas are the order of the day at American Thinker and that makes it one of my favorite places to read articles and…think! I like my thinking smart and that’s what American Thinker is. Conservative thinking is therefore the natural degree of things but the articles are not simple politics as a goodly amount of culture, society, and science make their way into the posts as well.

For that gets added to the Odins Lounge blogroll.

Gucci Little Piggy

Back to adding links, we have GLPiggy.

I like making visits to read the latest at GLPiggy for one simple reason. Much of what he writes about is in the same mentality that I write about. I don’t claim to be on his level, but rather that I very much admire his blog.

For that I add Gucci Little Piggy to the blogroll here.