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Ship Flips

Turns out that’s a research vessel that’s been designed to do that. Very cool.


Interpretive Dance

BMW Unscripted

The Nürburgring race track in Germany is one of the most famous in the world. If you are in the area you can pay to drive a lap on the track or to go for a ride with a professional driver in a ring taxi. Race driver Sabine Schmitz is one of those drivers.

But this is not just about cars or driving fast. Watch the video and hear her story and you will notice it is one of happiness.

Peril of foreign brides

Many men these days talk about the value of foreign women over the typical American lass. Its true they have their many greater preferred features, however that doesn’t mean one can simply throw caution out the window and just grab any old Ukrainian and be happy or successful.

Many men are scammed and or have bad luck with foreign brides. However the new type of man seeking foreign women is different and it is important to note why.

In the past most of the guys who took a foreign wife were servicemen stationed in the country of their wife’s origins or losers who didn’t stand a chance in the dating market and knew a women from another country wouldn’t be so picky if she got to live in America in exchange.

Today’s men are different. The servicemen and losers are still there, but there’s that new man who simply wants a classic women as his wife and not Uncle Elmer’s sow.

Still for these men they must be careful. The women they seek are not so desperate anymore, many men from many nations see the appeal of these women and a commoditization has begun. These women will deceive you, perhaps not viciously, nonetheless.

However this warning is perhaps not so needed. For the loser types who previously sought out a foreign wife cause they couldn’t hack it otherwise, are more likely to be screwed. Their desperation forces them to act often without rational thoughts. They lack the ability to step back and look at things from outside their own perspective because they are too wrapped up in the excitement of finding an attractive, exotic, women the likes of which they never had a chance at previously.

For the new man, he looks abroad not because he can’t find anything at home, but because what he has found at home is unsatisfactory and not up to his standards. Because of that he can step back and question himself and his thoughts to make sure that he is not sacrificing his standards simply because the SE Asian hottie he’s eyeing is more feminine that anything he’s ever seen. He is less likely to let his judgement be clouded by excitement. (and it is exciting no matter who you are)

Dance of Spring

The Hyphen

Ferrari F1

Not only is this a neat commercial, but it’s pure car porn.

ZZ Top and Image

I like ZZ Top. They’ve got a nice sound and as far I know they’ve never done anything to make fools of themselves.

While their appearance has long been remarked on it’s not something I’ve thought about any more than simply noticing it. When you think about it, it is actually a bit remarkable that a couple guys with comicly large amounts of facial hair and cowboy hats would be as successful as they are(as well as sound like Dire Straits). Sure there are more popular musicians out there but ZZ Top has has impressive staying power despite not doing that much new work.