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Happy Birthday Tom Jones

Happy 74th Birthday to Tom Jones.


Peril of foreign brides

Many men these days talk about the value of foreign women over the typical American lass. Its true they have their many greater preferred features, however that doesn’t mean one can simply throw caution out the window and just grab any old Ukrainian and be happy or successful.

Many men are scammed and or have bad luck with foreign brides. However the new type of man seeking foreign women is different and it is important to note why.

In the past most of the guys who took a foreign wife were servicemen stationed in the country of their wife’s origins or losers who didn’t stand a chance in the dating market and knew a women from another country wouldn’t be so picky if she got to live in America in exchange.

Today’s men are different. The servicemen and losers are still there, but there’s that new man who simply wants a classic women as his wife and not Uncle Elmer’s sow.

Still for these men they must be careful. The women they seek are not so desperate anymore, many men from many nations see the appeal of these women and a commoditization has begun. These women will deceive you, perhaps not viciously, nonetheless.

However this warning is perhaps not so needed. For the loser types who previously sought out a foreign wife cause they couldn’t hack it otherwise, are more likely to be screwed. Their desperation forces them to act often without rational thoughts. They lack the ability to step back and look at things from outside their own perspective because they are too wrapped up in the excitement of finding an attractive, exotic, women the likes of which they never had a chance at previously.

For the new man, he looks abroad not because he can’t find anything at home, but because what he has found at home is unsatisfactory and not up to his standards. Because of that he can step back and question himself and his thoughts to make sure that he is not sacrificing his standards simply because the SE Asian hottie he’s eyeing is more feminine that anything he’s ever seen. He is less likely to let his judgement be clouded by excitement. (and it is exciting no matter who you are)


Something I’ve noticed in history books before and also noticed on my WW2 in HD DVD, was the use of the term Japs. In the letters, and references from Americans about the Japanese it’s almost always Jap this and Jap that. Almost exclusively the use of the full term Japanese is limited to official government records, i.e. “the nation of japan”.

What’s interesting to remember is that Jap was a racist term. Maybe not so horribly racist consdiering the limited direct interaction americans had with the japanese but it was rascist nonetheless. One of many in an era of racist terms.

Sure the Germans were referred to as gerry, huns, boche, krauts, heines, and a great many more but the germans were more relatable. American and german businesses and people were intimately intwined. It’s interesting to see how people had to simply give that up during the 1930’s and also interesting to see how german-americans were so much more supportive of america than germany(as they were during ww1 as well).

back to the main point, the japs were bad, undeniably different people. Not just a nation, but different people in a way that race was more like a species than a distinction.

and here we are 68 years later and who has been one of our best friends in the internation community that whole time but Japan.  The was fought between the US and japan was brutal, racist, mean, and based on differences and almost as soon as it was over that was all forgotten. As if it was nothing more than a wrestling challenge between brothers or best friends.

It just goes to show what can be had for firmness. The united states was very generous in its treatment of the axis nations after the war, a credit that can be applied to it perhaps alone amonst nations. The united states was generous in rebuilding both germanty and japan yet it was also very frim. It had expectations in line with its own ideas though not immune to the specifics of each nation and it held ot those expectations and as a result succedded in building successful coutnries.

Maybe it has something to do with the national characterisitcs of germany and japan that they could rebuild so well, but it is in no small part that the united states had high expectations.

Still the united states and japan though friendly as friends can be are still different nations. The japanese today are just as different now as they were in 1941-45, but it doesnt matter. the caues for the racist ideas of the past are still there but they have been discarded because it has been realized that it is better to be successful friends than failing enemies. Again that is due to having high standards. If the united states treated the japanse as if they could never be part of the modern western world than they never would ahve been. think about that and how it affects are nations choice of actions in recent history.

The Lost Art of Diplomacy

As I sit and watch the news with every meal I eat I am amazed at the headlines that pop up on the news and the subtle message they carry.

The problem is that the headlines expose everything the US says it plans to do. Russian invades Crimea, so the US government openly states that it will sanction Russian businesses, or cancel visas, and not commit militarily and so on and so on.

200 Nigerian school girls are kidnapped and the US says it will help to recover them.

There is no value in your opponent knowing your plan, so why do we it. If we say something then Russia or Boko Haram can plan accordingly. Sure sometimes saying things publicly can be used to put fear into an opponent by displaying your commitment or seriousness, but by laying out what you are and are not willing to do puts all your cards on the table and you’re stuck at that point.

Maybe I read World War Two history books and see the sense and value in keeping things secret. Like the ULTRA code breakers at Bletchley Park in England who knew much of what the Nazis were going to do but chose not to act on it because doing so would reveal to the Nazis that the code was broken which would let them create a new one.

So you see, by not opening one’s mouth a nation can keep more options open to itself and thus have more options to choose from when it comes time to make a decision. Diplomacy is a lost art these days because everyone is so eager to get credit for their half-assed commitment that they make it harder to actually achieve success.

Additionally it also harder to have options open if, as a nation, we are becoming bigger and bigger sissies who are unwilling to commit to anything or take a principled stand.

The Future of Americas Classes

The future of America will have three soci0-economic classes. This isn’t news however since America has always had three classes, four during the period of slavery.

The difference is not in the number of classes but in how they are distinguished.

There is currently a growing lower class. Many in the middle class are falling into the lower class, there are many reasons for this. This new lower class however is different from the traditional lower class we’ve seen. This lower strata has now firmly entrenched its benefits. They will not give up their government support without chaos breaking out. The government is the goose that lays the golden egg for them and if the eggs stop they will beat the goose. As this group grows in numbers and its benefits grow in value it becomes more and more resistive to changes that will threaten them.

At the top is the elites, the rich. The rich are the rich and are the same in every culture, they have the money, power, and connections to stay rich. They can buy their safety and do.

In between is the shrinking middle-class. These are what most of are now, or were, and where all the excitement will happen. The middle-class will be afraid of the lower class. This is because the lower class will become more rough around the edges. As the lower class becomes more and more engrained with not working but just ‘getting things’, they won’t hesistate to take things and the middle class will have the most accessible ‘stuff’.

Not only will the lower class win on terms of quality of their roughness, but also by sheer numbers. The middle class will have to seek out help from the upper class. The upper class will use their money to try and buy whatever security they can for the middle class, but the middle class with have to pay for it with their labor. You want to be spared living in Detroit, okay then be my servant. Mow my lawn, prune my roses, clean my pool, wax my car, and walk my dog, that is after you service the robots of course.

Real Men Don’t…

One of the favorite games of misdirection by the Feminist collective is “Real men don’t…”.

The general method for application takes something generally applied to men and tries to make the case that a real man doesn’t need that to be a real man.

Common examples are;

  • Real men aren’t afraid to show their emotions
  • A real man doesn’t need a big truck/sportscar/guns/etc to show off
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl gains a bunch of weight
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl has had a lot of sexual partners
  • A real man doesn’t care if his girl puts other things over him

This attempt at reverse psychology is weak and childish, evidence to that exists in the form of those who fall for it.

Since it is not the domain of feminists to think, they have missed one critical point with their games.

If “real men don’t” need all these things to be men, then women don’t need the government to prop them up with endless forms of welfare to be women.

A real woman doesn’t take handouts, but survives on their own effort and merit.

Firepower Saturday


It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tel a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world believing him. This falsehood of the tongue, leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition.

– Thomas Jefferson

Letter to Peter Carr, August 19, 1785