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‘Sex Is Everywhere, So Why Is It Taboo?’

When something scandalous involving sex hits the news, the media follows up with discussions on it and a certain phrase is always uttered.

That phrase is “We’re surrounded by sex in our everyday lives, it’s something everyone deals with, so why is it so taboo a topic”. Somehow sex being an everyday thing means it shouldn’t come with any stipulations or notions of being inappropriate in certain situations.

Yes, sex is everywhere in our culture, and yes everyone becomes aware of it at some point in their life. But what does that have to do with it being something that people should talk about publicly as if it’s no different a subject than the weather? I’m no prude, but I have as much desire to listen to strangers conversations about sex as I do of seeing them in assless chaps.

A good rule for people who don’t understand this is, if you don’t want me watching you do it, don’t talk about it in places where people can hear you. It’s the same thing.

Sex is as much a part of life as eating, combing your hair, tying your shoes, and a million other little activities. But we don’t talk about those because they’re irrelevant and minor. Stop claiming that we shouldn’t hide from sex, we’re not, we’re simply asking you to have a little tact when you choose your topics and behavior around other people.

The enlightened liberal mind may think it would be really cool if us prudish Americans treated public society like a whorehouse but there’s a good reason why we don’t.


Be Like Me, I Have Guilt

Why do we give assistance to other nations? Not assistance when there’s an unexpected disaster like an earthquake, tsunami, but rather generalized assistance for basic things like food and water.

The United States spends a lot of time and money giving aid to a lot of third world countries for these things. A lot of people, correctly, think we shouldn’t because these nations need to learn to stand on their own. After all that’s what they did before we helped them anyway. Crop storage and irrigation techniques were perfected in each part of the world thousands of years ago. Considering that reason there really is no excuse for their to be starvation in Africa today. Except there is, despite our best efforts. These forms of aid are international welfare, they create dependency for people who can least afford to be soft.

There are many people, both in the west and in the various locations, who are aware of these truths so someday real help may be a possibility.

Still there is something interesting at work to consider in this matter. While conservatives probably donate more money to these kinds of charities and agencies(that is beyond whatever federal programs/funds exist for the purpose), it is the liberals who love them the most. For progressives it is not so much about helping other people as it is in helping themselves, namely through massaging their egos.

They love to help those poor Africans, Asians, and Latins develop themselves into modern citizens of the first world, the very thing they make snarky comments about over at huffington post.

In helping these poor third worlders with the various their forms of assistance they can’t help but westernize them through their contact, thus turning them into the very thing they so openly despise for its materialism and vanity. “Native African culture is so wonderful, it’s so free and uninhibited”….”which is why I’m doing my part to undermine and make them just like me!”

Truth is the best thing we could do for people around the world is let them be themselves. What’s the point in saving/helping them if they aren’t allowed to be whatever it is that they choose for themselves. People of the various nations of the world are not a toy for you to play dolls with. They are not there for you to feel good about yourself for being cultured, while washing off their culture to replace with the same thing you despise your neighbors for.

It may be a small world after all, but that doesn’t mean you get to go around meddling in the affairs of other people simply because you think you know better. Leave them alone and simply enjoy and observe, take part in they invite you, but don’t take charge.

Firepower Saturday

What’s behind all firepower, an agreeable user. In this case we present the Russian military school…for girls. Not only a look at national devotion (aka patriotism), but an interesting twist on culture in the latter part of the video. Watch to the end, as the last phrase is the best.

Meet The Future

This story was linked from Doug Ross linkfest that I have on the link list. It’s about a recent grouping of flash mob robberies in Chicago. Nothing new there, but this is.

The crime wave has gotten so bad, in fact, that earlier this year the Chicago PD announced a new response plan, or rather, a NON-response plan, wherein police will not even show up at crime scenes unless someone has been critically injured or the perpetrator is still on the scene.

Obviously it’s not going to stop if you don’t pursue it. But what can you do? Security at each store, constant vigilance? That’s not good for business and I’m sure the ACLU would appreciate the test.

Frankly there isn’t much that can be done. You can’t catch them in time and you can’t be harsh enough to deter anyone else. Even if you did catch these ‘youths’, AND actually got a judge to hand down a stiff sentence you still wouldn’t stop or deter anyone.

They don’t do it because they’re desperate, they do it because they can do it and get away with it to boot. The crux of the problem isn’t the crime it’s that this happens on a near daily basis in this country. It isn’t circumstantial, it’s what happens when people stop caring. This is the socialist future, when you’ve taken away all authority and sense of honor from a society don’t be surprised when it acts without it.

Socialist irony strikes again, in trying to make a new “group” which we can build our dream society on, we had to dismantle the one we had which kept everyone in line.

Nuke The Culture

Nuclear warfare is a threat only because we don’t know when, where, or who might decide to use it. If every nation had nuclear capability the world might be a nicer place because all the potential for aggression could be canceled out and the tangled web of confusion that created World War I would be every statesman’s worst nightmare under those circumstances. The best thing for peace(not a dream I realistically subscribe too btw), is the threat of wholesale destruction of everything. The best part after that is the chance to start afresh.

That is what we need to do and may accomplish with our “culture”. I say “culture” even we distinctly lack one there is no name for being culture less, but screw arguing semantics let’s get to the point already.

In America we’ve replaced family with social networks, communication with text messages, lifestyle with narcissism, and even Sam the butcher has been replaced with Johnsonville sausages.

We’re a pretty pathetic specimen for having accomplished everything imaginable as Americans. Except we haven’t accomplished squat. It wasn’t “us” that landed on the moon 44 years ago, that was Sam the butcher and his values and life understanding. Presently we can hardly understand the rules of not driving in the left lane.

I get perturbed when people say America has no culture, but now I admit it. We don’t. My previous argument was that America had a culture, but lost it. Thus, we don’t have a culture. We have mass-produced phoney baloney designed to keep our pathetically used brains just busy enough to activate the pleasure zones so we think we enjoy watching television and fake-tanning.

There’s no meaning in anything we do anymore and the great news is that it’s its own recipe for destruction. Eventually it will nuke itself as people because so bored with facebook and chips ahoy and realize they want their lives back.

They’ll go out into the green grass and talk to people and come home to some of Alice’s warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Like communism our shitty non-culture is it’s own worst nightmare. For a time it will reign but because there is no substance behind it other than misery it too will crumble in time.

Do you part to nuke the culture. Prepare your own food as much as possible, think, demand responsibility. Lead by example and be better.

Happy Independence Day

I love when someone says something that reflects my own thoughts exactly. I don’t care that they wrote it down first because I’m so excited to hear someone else say it at all.

That’s the case with this video about American culture.

My thoughts exactly.

America has it’s problems and within the aspect of culture their are faults, but at its core America is a culture of ideas and not things. We have lost that a bit recently, but that doesn’t mean America isn’t great.

Happy Independence Day.

American Thinker

American Thinker is a wonderful opinion news site. Thoughtful, probing ideas are the order of the day at American Thinker and that makes it one of my favorite places to read articles and…think! I like my thinking smart and that’s what American Thinker is. Conservative thinking is therefore the natural degree of things but the articles are not simple politics as a goodly amount of culture, society, and science make their way into the posts as well.

For that gets added to the Odins Lounge blogroll.

Suicide as Male Privilege

On Manosphere blogs one of the things that is pointed out in order to refute claims of “male privilege” is the suicide rate of men versus women.

Here’s the data on that;

suicide stats
















Of course there are many factors that have a part to play in suicides and without being able to ask the victims why they did it it’s hard to know for sure. Therefore it is next to impossible to know the cause on a case by case basis. However because the statistics lean so heavily towards males that probably tells us a lot anyway. Enough to understand the root cause.

Perhaps it’s simply that women are better at handling the issues that cause suicides, or that they simply don’t have the gumption to do that much harm to themselves. Though more than likely it is that men have more to live for and thus a failure of life for them is more inexcusable.

Men want to work, to provide. To be able to succeed in something in order to raise their family and pass on their name. There are thousands of years of civilization that prove this. We can debate the finer points of that issue, as to whether regular Joe could’ve gone his own way a thousand years ago or not, but the fact is he(all men) didn’t.

Men have a higher standard of what is an acceptable life’s performance than women. The average man, despite feminists best efforts, still wants to work and support his family. Failure to accomplish that, to provide for his family, leaves little else for him to do. If he fails at the biggest purpose he has been given it is of little consolation that he is a good farmer, carpenter, or IT tech.

Women on the other hand, haven’t got as much to live for. Oddly enough, womens traditional role was to care for the family that the male supported. It is because of that, they are less likely to feel like a failure. If the husband fails to provide for the family, it has little to do with her ability/role to care for the family. It may make it more difficult, but it doesn’t diminish her role in any way. She can not be a failure because of his failure.

If the husband/provider is a failure he has failed grandly. It is much harder(almost impossible) for a wife/caretaker to fail because the responsibility is on a secondary level to the providers.

This combined with men and women’s different capabilities in mental processing is what contributes to the high male suicide rate. When men fail they are more likely to simply take themselves out. In their mind, what else can they do, what use  are they?

Therefore it is safe to assume that in a modern, feminist society that demeans men and belittles their work and often casts them adrift without any concern for mental well-being and desire to work and provide is likely to create an increasing rate of suicides. However, I would be willing to bet that among the Red Pill & MGTOW crowds, that their awareness of the issues and often willful removal from the system or at least its mentalities, have a far lower suicide rate than the average male of the system.