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If we are supposed to feel sorry for the poor and low-class, why would we choose to support government policies that perpetuate their lame social and economic status by depriving them of the understanding that they can work themselves up?

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that they are classified as victims. And victims of course have nothing at all to do with what happens to them, it is pure chance.


Capitalism & Imperialism


*Another one of rambling posts where I connect two thoughts, bear with me.

As I looked out the window this morning I saw a rabbit nibbling at the grass. I stood and watched it eat its breakfast while I ate mine and I quickly thought, ‘why do rabbits exist if all they eat is grass?’. Of course I knew the answer immediately, to act as a food source to some other larger predator. That’s the way life on earth works, complicated yet simple systems that have a specific purpose.

If you need the food chain explained to you, click here. But of course it’s more than the food chain, it’s our bodies themselves. Each system in the body(nervous, respiratory, etc), performs a certain function and that function helps the other systems. So your digestive system provides nutrients which give you energy with keeps your circulatory system functioning, which keeps your nervous system functioning and on and on the closed loop system goes.

Still there’s even more particulars to our bodies, the way our organs are positioned is even particular. Male and female reproductive organs are in the same place with makes things much more convenient than if the mans penis was on his ear and the womans vagina was on the back of her knee.

Whether you believe in a creator, evolution out of primordial soup or something in between the way each creature is “designed” and each system(i.e. the food chain, body functions) work is very specific. It would have been easier to “create” humans and animals that didn’t require such high maintenance. If we didn’t need to eat, or breath oxygen, or worry about bleeding out we could do so much more. Alas we are not toy dolls we are living creatures and thus have those needs.

What’s my point? There are systems at place in the world, large and small, complex and simple. From principles of diet and exercise to the food chain and beyond. They are what they are and they work they way they do for a reason. Now, in this society we seem to have an increasing number of people who whether through, naivete, ignorance, stupidity, or all of the above think we can simply do without the systems that have governed human civilization since its beginnings. I’m not talking about the digestive system now, but rather things like principles of economy and trade.

The solution to every social problem for these people is to make whatever is the issue free. Healthcare, free. K-University education, free. Food and shelter, free. Phones, free. Of course a society would do well to ensure its citizens have much, there is something wrong when people begin to believe it can simply be given away for free.

What they fail to recognize is that someone has to pay for that “free” education, and “free” obamaphone, and “free” healthcare. Now however a society wants to run its establishments is up to that society, but there is one fact that remains regardless. That is that there is no free lunch. Someone will be paying for it somehow.  The system of economics works very much like the food chain. Each person contributes a piece and each person receives a piece of a size commensurate to their “value” as determined by the system.

No amount of social engineering, or making everything “free” will change it, because it’s unavoidable, it’s simply the system by which things naturally work.

Fries with That?

I’ve talked before about ‘living wage’ morons before when occupy wall st. was the news item du jour. I didn’t want to talk about it again but I saw this article in the Detroit News 2 days ago about the fast food strikes and just had to share. The economics are obvious and anyone who isn’t a numskull gets it, this one is about the people.


Warren resident Shanise Stitt has worked in the fast food industry for nine years, the last four at a Taco Bell at Eight and Ryan Road.

“I have to pay for food, light and rent like anyone else but the pay is horrible,” said Stitt, 27, the mother of three, ages 12, 9 and 3.

“I only make $8.09 an hour. I’ve just started a second job at a factory to try to make ends meet. I want us to have the right to form a union without a fear of retaliation.”

While it’s commendable she has the wherewithal to have a job, she still forms the what we traditionally know as the dregs of society.
27 years old with 3 kids(no doubt by different men) the oldest being 12 when she herself is 27, which with simple arithmetic we can see means she popped out when she herself was 15.
If you screwed up your life enough to have a kid at 15 and didn’t realize the challenges and responsibility that brings with it to go ahead and have 2 more one at 18 and another at 25, you really can’t complain that life is tough and you only make $8. Sure it is tough, but it’s toughest most of all because you’re an idiot.
Does that mean she’s representative of all fast food workers? No, of course not, but lets not fool ourselves into thinking were dealing with the cream of the crop here, these aren’t even the people who only just didn’t make it into to Yale. Many are just decent, fairly normal people, but WAY too many are a lost cause. These are not curious, depth probing economists and surprisingly the people who are carrying the water for their cause aren’t either.

The Defensive Breakdown

If liberals are believers in Keynesian economics why do they always want to cut military spending? If it’s good for growth of the the economy to spend money in every other government dept. why wouldn’t it be good to spend it on the military for the same reasons?

If conservatives believe in maintaining a tight fiscal policy why don’t they ever consider cuts to defense? Their defense is that defense is one of the core principles of the government. Still how come the idea of defense cuts always gets them all atwitter?

The truth is they’re both wrong. Liberals will cut defense, as they already have, but that’s not the problem. The truth is that defense spending IS too high. It’s too high firstly because like all government programs probably 20-20% of it is simply wasted through overpriced purchases. Secondly, it is too high because much of it goes to unneeded and unwanted purchases like Abrams tanks that we already have thousands of simply sitting unused. Thirdly, much of it is wasted because we spend so much on broken weapon systems that take decades to make finally work properly. The reasons are many more but I’ll stop here.

The President has dictated to Sec.Def. Hagel to make cuts and those cuts will not be to the wasteful monstrosities but to the really unimportant stuff like enlisted ranks and their pay and benefits. After all when you have the worst-best equipment money can buy, who needs people trained to use it.

Politics is all bullshit. If we were serious about cutting the defense, which in a rational world we would be, we would start by cutting the endless civilian employees. Why we need just as many pencil pushing, form filing beauracrats as we do fighting men is beyond me.

Cut the useless people(civilians AND excess flag officers), and then the useless equipment, and voila you’ve saved more than what’s being asked.

Wages and Morons Again

It gets more annoying every time. $15 dollars an hour for working at McDonalds?

Even if that wouldn’t cause inflation(which it will) it still wouldn’t correct the problem. $15 an hour for the most unskilled jobs around is a solution(a dumb one at that) for a temporary problem instead of correcting the root problem. Progressivism 101.

I would work at Mcd’s for $15/hr, for a while. Until I got frustrated of rude customers, inept coworkers, and the fact that I did nothing more with myself everyday than punch a cash register. I’ve had unskilled labor jobs that require more than Mcd’s and I still lost my mind simply from the dullness of it.

Yeah it sucks that people have to work at Mcdonalds because there is nothing else for them. But how about we solve the real problem here, that is that people are working at Mcdonalds because there is nothing else for them.

People are working there because they are either dumb(in the old fashioned sense to mean slow-witted), unskilled in anything else, or their traditional trained industry isn’t hiring.

Good news is there is a simple and obvious solution for each of those problems.

1. Dumb/Slow witted; Just keep tabs on them, which is super easy with these ancient things called families and neighbors.

2. Unskilled; stop telling people college is the only viable option and additionally stop prepping ALL high school students for college prep tests.

3. Stop harassing the American business world with regulatory nightmares from hell and let them DO business. Yes regulations are important so nobody goes dumping toxic ooze into sewers thus generating teenage mutant ninja turtles, but regulations on bubblewrap are probably overdoing it.

If America wants to stop going down the toilet it could start by correcting the problems and not applying bandaids to temporary problems that will not only not work but make the problem worse in the long run.

Boom. Problem solved and I’m not even a Senator.

For The Low Information Voter

Visit the economic collapse blog for a post titled; 36 Hard Questions About The U.S. Economy The Media Should be Asking.

The theme is a regular post there and is always well done as each question has a small statement and then links to an article. If you think things are bad just read some of these questions and you’ll realize it’s much worse.


#5 Why do 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year?

#18 What are the central banks of the world going to do when the 441 trillion dollar interest rate derivatives bubble starts to burst?

#35 Why has the value of the U.S. dollar fallen by over 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913?

Pay in Europe and Not All That Surprising Surprises

An interesting chart was put up at, a few days ago by way of the economist.

Here’s an image;


What’s interesting here? Well for the most part the nations sit about where you’d expect for each of them. Romania and Ukraine at the bottom shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but people who don’t even where those countries are.

While the more successful and affluent European nations have a lower ratio.

So it’s there’s nothing to odd about the order what am I getting at?

Not the ratio, but the blue blocked figures. The CEO hourly wage, in particular who has the highest. The Italians have it by a screaming red sportscar. Amazing since they have one of the more troubled financial situations in Europe(which is saying a lot).

It’s surprising because you wouldn’t think a sick nation like Italy could afford those figures, but then you realize it’s Italy so it’s to be expected. Just imagine what the black market guys are making eh Don Giovanni?

With that out of the way it’s still surprising to see Spain take second with a gust of strong wind. But then not that surprising when you think again and realize that Spain would have the reputation of Italy if Italy didn’t already have it firmly in hand.

Further odd is Sweden in third, considering their supposed to be the modern socialist dream that progressives love to use as the (false) example to undo all the socialist progressive failures in history and boy is there a lot of those. So Swedens on fire, literally and figuratively. IKEA for the masses and top notch weapons systems for their governments apparently gets you a lot these days.

After that the list gets fairly normal as for where you’d expect the nations to fall. Just something to think about, that is all.