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I have my appendix removed. Had been in the hospital for a few days. Feeling good, but out of shape now.



I have a physical today. Because I’ll be out getting poked and prodded this song is the post for the day.

Investment Advice

If you happen to have a little cash and a lot of pull I have some investment advice for you.

Placebos. The placebo effect is a matter of willpower in thinking that the subject is receiving medicine when in fact they are often receiving simple sugar.

Manufacture and sale of sugar pills should be a relatively cheap endeavor. Find yourself a ailment, market your pills as an improvement in the condition of it and rake in the cash.

Of course the only thing that will get in your way is the FDA but that’s where the pull comes in or if you got it, a bit of cash on a few greasy palms will do the same.

Considering many ailments can be dealt with without surgery or prescription drugs, it’s a good thing we got Obamacare to waste plenty of money on it.

No Pain, No Gain

It’s rather ridiculous that people, particularly in the news media, seem to think the economy is okay and on the way up.

Why is it ridiculous? Well here’s a good list of 75 econ. statistics from ZeroHedge that’ll blow your mind.

Here’s the real problem with the economy, the stimulus, the fiscal cliff, taxes, spending, all of it. It hurt going in. The economic contraction that started the recession in 2007 put a serious damper on the economy and it’s affect was felt by everyone. Even those not directly affected felt it’s presence.

That was just going in. We haven’t actually done anything to fix the problems, nor prepare for anything to get worse. The economy is saddled with serious baggage. For the economy to actually and truly improve it will have to seriously shape up.

I can't go on...this is too hard

I can’t go on…this is too hard

The term ‘shape up’ is actually a very good one because it is an excellent metaphor for the situation. Americas economy is fat and out of shape. Sure it’s robust, but it can barely move and it has diabetes. However it has continued doing the same things that turned it into a fat tub of lard and given it diabetes.

In order to actually improve it’s health it is going to have to hurt itself. It is going to have to go to the gym and workout out everyday in the future in order to improve. That’s going to hurt. Exercise demands effort for even an in-shape person and it’s going to actually hurt someone who isn’t even close to being in-shape. Merely going through the motions and pretending that it’s working out won’t help either. It has to really feel the burn, and not just feel tired or strained, to get improvement. Most people exercise don’t understand real strain. They never experience it, and therefore the first bit they do feel is to them the greatest pain ever when it reality it’s nothing.

The United States felt pain going into this economic mess it’s become and it’s going to have to feel it a lot worse in order to come out again.